September 27, 2022

Too much pursuit of gregariousness will make you mediocre!


People who are gregarious are more likely to lose themselves. What we call gregariousness is actually just a waste of youth together.

There is a passage in “The Crowd”: As soon as a person enters the group, the IQ is severely reduced. In order to gain recognition, the individual is willing to abandon right and wrong, and exchange IQ for the sense of belonging that makes people feel safe.

Thinking people are not gregarious everywhere. To put it more straightforwardly, people who try to make themselves gregarious are not thinking and are fools.

Many times, in order to make ourselves less lonely, we force ourselves to change and integrate into the group. In the end, although we are integrated into the group, we also ruined ourselves and failed ourselves.

You are obviously an eagle, but you walked into a chicken coop. In order to become one with this group, you wander around one acre of land like them every day, but you forget that your original dream was to spread your wings and fly high. Shuttle in the clouds is to go to rivers, lakes and seas, to the ends of the world.

Too many people in the group forget who they are and lose themselves.


The more gregarious, the more often it represents mediocrity.

How to make a white pawn stand out from the crowd?

Just put it in a bunch of black chess pieces. Whether it’s the 28th rule or standing out from the crowd, it’s all about a key word: special.

Lions and tigers are always alone, and only foxes and dogs are in groups.

In fact, you will find that those outstanding people are a little bit uncomfortable and will not follow the crowd, because such people live a very thorough life. They know what they need and what they should do.

On the contrary, the more gregarious people are, the more common they are, the more they represent mediocrity, and the more difficult it is to stand out.

People are inherently lazy and are particularly vulnerable to the environment. One person is lazy and two people are lazy, and two people are lazy, and a group of people are lazy. And you are likely to lose competitiveness in such a group and become lazy. Mediocre, in the crowd.

When you want to integrate into the group, don’t force yourself to be in the group, learn to be alone.

There is a saying in “The Art of Being Alone”: Being alone is a deeper self-growth.

Many, many of us lack the courage to be alone, and therefore lose the ability to think independently.

In fact, there is no absolutely lonely person in this world. There must be souls who are like-minded with you, and even strangers will have their own small circles.

Therefore, we should not force ourselves to fit into a circle that we don’t want to join, we don’t have to force ourselves to be in a group so hard, people who understand you will naturally become a group.

Some people look withdrawn and unspoken. It’s not that they don’t speak, but that they have nothing to say to you.

It’s not that he doesn’t have circles, but his circles are beyond your reach.

Most of the truly outstanding people are not so gregarious.

The rest of my life is very long and it is tiring to pretend