September 30, 2022

Psychological analysis,Foot fetish is not a pervert, not so scary!

Foot fetish is not a mental illness

Pure foot fetish is just a person’s interest and preference, which belongs to one’s private life, and one should not label people as “abnormal” because of foot fetish.

First of all, it depends on whether this “love” affects people’s emotions, life, and work. If he just likes it, it can only be one’s hobbies and interests. You cannot say that a person is sick just because he likes something. Only when this kind of hobby has caused a burden on his heart, causing pain, discomfort, anxiety, depression and other symptoms, can he reach the standard of disease.

Secondly, it depends on the duration of “love”. If someone is just bored for a certain period of time, after seeing something about foot fetish on the Internet, he becomes interested in other people’s feet, so he pays special attention during this period of time. This kind of short-term “love” is not a disease. It must last for more than half a year, seriously affect their interpersonal relationship, work and life, and make the patient feel pain in their hearts, before it constitutes a disease. On this basis, it can continue to develop to become a disease.

Of course, there is also a situation where a person feels painful and contradictory because of pursuing something, and then desperately wants to change this state. We call this situation a mental disorder, and it does not belong to the category of mental illness. .

Foot fetish is a kind of sexual preference disorder

Foot fetish is a kind of fetish. Foot fetishes usually show unusual interest in the feet of the opposite sex or the same sex. When they see other people’s feet, they can’t help but want to see, touch, kiss, or even want to possess.

From the perspective of psychoanalysis, foot fetish is related to sexual preference disorder. Disorders of sexual preference can be divided into two categories, one is abnormal sexual objects (such as homosexuality), the other is sexual movement variation, and foot fetish belongs to the latter. Normal people can obtain satisfaction through intercourse and sexual intercourse between the opposite sex, while people with sexual preference disorders need to achieve sexual excitement and obtain sexual satisfaction through other things. Historically, Hitler was very interested in the smell of anus and feces. He had to smell this smell before sex to achieve excitement and satisfaction. This is also a kind of sexual preference disorder.

What is foot fetish?

Foot fetish refers to having a special fascination with the same-sex or opposite-sex feet or their footwear, and this fascination often exceeds the interest in the body. People with this hobby are called foot fetishists. Foot fetish is one of the fetishes in sexual perversion. Sexual inversion is a form of “sexual behavior”, “it is necessary to obtain complete sexual satisfaction through unusual objects, rituals or situations.” Some individuals with more serious sexual perversions need four to ten orgasms a day. Although different from ordinary people, not all individuals with perversions desire to change their sexual habits. Fetishism is one of the sexual perversions. People with this fetishism are interested in “some inanimate objects”. People with fetishism are usually male, so female foot fetishism is quite rare. People with strong fetishism may steal or even use violence to obtain what they need.

Many people try to explain the act of foot fetish, but so far there is no unified answer. Physiologically, neuroscientists believe that in the induction area of ​​the cerebral cortex, the neurons responsible for reproduction are similar to those of the feet, which may make people subconsciously link the feet and reproductive organs. Human animal olfactory instincts are also believed to be the cause of foot fetish. Some experts believe that women’s feet and vaginas have the same odor, which stimulates the sexual desire of the opposite sex and forms foot fetish. Some researchers believe that foot fetish may be caused by natural brain damage like sheep epilepsy. Psychology and psychoanalysis also have their own views on foot fetish. Psychologist Freud believes that women’s feet, especially in China, are often hidden, so men can get the pleasure of prying into other people’s secrets by peeping at women’s feet. Some psychoanalysts believe that some men who have experienced sexual intercourse with others in their childhood may have “fear of castration” subconsciously, which prevents them from having a normal penetrative sex life when they grow up, thus looking for other things. Such as other people’s feet instead.

Most foot fetish patients are related to environmental influences and sexual experiences

Foot fetish is a kind of fetish. Most foot fetish patients are related to environmental influences and sexual experience. When adolescents experience first sexual excitement, the first sexual excitement may be accidentally associated with women’s feet.

I like this as a way of sexual stimulation in the future. After several iterations, a conditioned reflex is formed. This type of situation mostly occurs during adolescence. The former Soviet medical scientist Popov cited an example. When a boy was first sexually excited, he saw a female thigh in the keyhole of a female bathroom. From then on, the boy felt aroused sexual excitement when he saw the female thigh. Another theory is that the ankle’s grandeur is easily reminiscent of women’s buttocks, thereby attracting men. For example, there was a young man lying on the ground and a charming woman put a foot on him. This accidental action aroused his sexual desire. Later, the man became a lifelong foot fetish. There are also the formation of foot fetish psychology, which is related to the sexual psychological disorder in childhood. If he accidentally touched female breasts or saw female sexual organs when he was a child, he would be punished as a kind of “guilt”, which inevitably left the impression that female breasts and sexual organs are inaccessible in his young mind. , His interest in women shifted to feet.

There is currently no effective treatment for foot fetish

The treatment of foot fetish is extremely difficult, and there is currently no effective treatment. Foot fetish is a kind of psychological disorder, which is a kind of personality disorder. This distorted psychology is very stable and difficult to change. There is no drug therapy at present, and the effect of psychotherapy is not very obvious. The formation of this kind of psychological barrier is related to genes, and also some social influences. It takes a long time to form and often starts from a young age. Once this kind of psychological disorder is formed, it is as difficult to change the mental disorder patients as it is to make normal people change their sexual orientation. You can only use ordinary fetish treatment methods:

1. Use cognitive therapy to conduct more systematic sex education.

2. Use aversion therapy. Aversion therapy is usually used to suppress the pleasure response of help-seekers to foot fetish; aversion therapy can also make the help-seekers transform their subconscious foot fetish thoughts into consciousness in comprehension, which can correct foot fetish behaviors and make them have courtship motives. Such as the use of stained or moldy personal products to implement. Especially when it can be found in the patient’s collection, the most effective.

3. Rubber ring therapy, giving a slight punitive stimulation to bad ideas.

4. Social therapy, change the introverted, unsocial character.

These methods have little effect, and more serious diseases such as frigidity, sexual aversion, depression, and schizophrenia are often formed due to improper treatment.

The treatment of foot fetish should first focus on prevention. Scientific sex education and popularization of sex knowledge can help eliminate most of the occurrence of foot fetish.

For the tendency of foot fetish in children or adolescents, positive guidance should be given in time and encouraged to actively participate in group activities and establish normal interpersonal communication. These can usually prevent sexual deviation-the appearance of foot fetish.