September 30, 2022

Sexual hygiene, is it a sexual psychological disorder?

Sexual hygiene, is it a sexual psychological disorder?

There are more females and fewer males. They feel disgusted and unwilling to endure their husbands’ sexual behavior and even every smile. Not only do they hate their husband’s saliva, secretions and sounds, but they also dislike her husband’s actions, demeanors and language in expressing love, even though these are all sexual psychological disorders. However, many people do not realize this, but think that “the other party does not really love me”, or think that they are “hygienic” and “elegant”, which is really sad.

There are three types of sanitizers: physical, mental and mixed.

Physical patients: think that the secretions of the other party’s genitals and even the genitals are dirty, so that they are in a state of compulsive aversion to engage in voluntary intercourse;

Mental patients: It is the aversion to the opposite sex that is actually normal sexual behavior, sexual expression and sexual speech;

Mixed patients: It is a combination of the first two types. Sexual hygiene patients often suspect that their spouse‚Äôs genitals are dirty, and not only require the other party to wash their lower body, but also “disinfect” them with alcohol and wear condoms.

So, what should a male friend do if he suffers from sexual hygiene?

[First] Seeking the root cause: After the initial diagnosis, you must dare to face it and seek the root cause in order to prescribe the right medicine.

1. Timely record adverse psychological reactions during sex.

2. Combined with childhood experience and adolescence experience, do a summary analysis of yourself. Find clues and clarify the crux.

3. Check yourself with reference to books. You can refer to related psychology books to examine the root causes of other humans in the book, and deepen your understanding and judgment in the comparison. If you can’t find a clue, you can seek help from a psychologist.

[Second] Psychological desensitization: Psychological desensitization refers to reducing the intensity of the psychological reaction of the heart by means of diverting attention, verbal suggestion, etc., turning from an allergic state to a normal state.

Although sexual hygiene is only a psychological illusion and product of one’s own experience, it is not just repression that can succeed in getting rid of sexual hygiene, and do not expect long-term patience to “habit into nature”, but take the initiative to take some measures to seek psychology Desensitization, relying on positive, gradual, weak and strong sexual enthusiasm to replace sexual hygiene.

Male friends with sexual hygiene do not need to worry too much, nor do they need to think that they are alien or abnormal. As long as the patient finds the root through psychological treatment in time, then this situation can be greatly improved. The most important thing is to establish a scientific concept of sex to treat one’s own sex life.