September 30, 2022

The psychological end of uncontrollable voyeurism

 What are the common characteristics of voyeurism?

1. Secret means of peeping. Such as digging a small hole in the wall, peeking through a crack in the door, or standing up high at night to peek. Some resorted to mirrors and telescopes, and some dressed up as women and went into the women’s bathroom or toilet.

2. The motivation for peeping is mainly from the pursuit of stimulation. They have no interest in the nudity of their sexual partners or public, public sexual exposure of the opposite sex. The greater the pressure during peeping, the more sexual pleasure and sexual satisfaction can be obtained.

3. While voyeurism is accompanied by masturbation. The reason why many voyeurism patients peek at other people’s privacy is to vent their sexual desire, and the behavior of watching while masturbating is very common.

4. Patients with voyeurism have poor self-control. Voyeurism patients may be aware of the mistakes and risks of this kind of behavior, but they cannot control themselves and are in a painful situation of being unable to stop and committing repeated crimes.

5. Patients with voyeurism have poor communication skills. The personality of voyeurism patients is mostly unsound, mostly introverted, withdrawn, lacking ability to communicate with the opposite sex, or failure of marriage.

What causes voyeurism?

1. Being affected by bad visual temptation or bad sexual experience in childhood hindered the development of sexual psychology. The typical situation is when the patient sees the mother’s naked body when he is young. Or see heterosexual nudes or pornographic publications during adolescence.

2. The adverse effects of accidental voyeurism combined with masturbation will be fixed by repeated enhancement of masturbation in the future. In other words, the so-called habit becomes natural, especially bad habit. As long as you try two more times, you will become addicted, and voyeurism will naturally take shape.

3. The influence of pornographic culture. This is the most influential one, the kind of sensory stimulation, for people with poor self-control, it is very easy to fall into this quagmire.

4. Mental retardation or sexual depression can also lead to voyeurism. In fact, if the brain is defective, or is purely mentally retarded, then the peeping behavior is judged as voyeurism is not very appropriate. But from the perspective of mental illness, voyeurism does fall into this category.

How to treat voyeurism? Can I treat it by myself?

1. Return to the reality method If we have a normal and harmonious relationship or husband and wife relationship, this kind of abnormal sexual habits will generally be eliminated or reduced. For male patients, the establishment of a harmonious sexual relationship through normal love and marriage has a good control effect on their voyeurism. Many patients can transform into potential voyeurism or basically recover. Therefore, as long as we communicate more with our lovers or wives, interact more, and return to normal family life, many patients who are not serious will basically recover.

Our analysis believes that many voyeurism patients have few friends in life, introverted, and lack of communication. In fact, communication is a very good method of treatment. With many friends, more communication and more activities, you will find that you get a lot from it. Great fun. Thus slowly losing interest in peeping.

2. Aversion reflex method Aversion conditioned reflex therapy is a kind of strengthening conditioned reflex. For example, if you want to peep, use aversion conditioned stimulus, such as rubber band flicking your wrist, whipping yourself or drinking emetics, etc. Use this trick for thought or behavior. Let the two connect, so that the brain avoids punishment and no longer thinks about it. It may be difficult at first. But as long as persistence is still effective. It can also cooperate with mental aversion stimulation, that is, repeatedly reading the written record of the embarrassing situation when arrested and punished to form a reflex of aversion.

3. Distraction method

This is actually very easy to operate. When we have this idea, we immediately leave the scene and find an open place, such as shopping, going to the park, going to the supermarket, and generally don’t want to do private things in crowded places. Or do things that are more interesting to you, such as playing football, watching movies, etc., and focus your attention on other places, so that over time, you will reduce your chances of making mistakes.

4. Law and Ethics Restriction Law

First of all, the possible legal consequences of “voyeurism”. Whenever you have desires, you should remind yourself of these so that you can strengthen your self-control ability, rein in the precipice, and overcome abnormal psychology.

5. Seek professional psychological institutions

Obviously, voyeurism is a kind of abnormal sexual psychology, which requires a professional psychological counselor to conduct a systematic analysis of your situation. Is it a childhood sexual psychological development problem, or is it temptation after adulthood, or other After finding the root cause, coupled with active treatment, there will be great improvement.