September 30, 2022

I suspect that I have sex addiction, how should I treat it?

[1] What is sex addiction?

Sex addiction is also called orgasm addiction. The full name is sex addiction. It refers to the individual’s strong and forced continuous or periodic sexual drive behavior. If these sexual drive are not satisfied, it will cause anxiety and pain. In terms of age grade, most of them are concentrated in men between 30 and 40 years old, which is also the most active period of sexual physiology in a person’s life. They are like drug addicts, gamblers, and alcoholics. Once the sex addiction occurs, they will desperately put down all their work and find a target to vent. If a person is addicted to internet sex-love, the reason is probably that he has sex addiction.

[2] What are the symptoms of sex addiction:

The symptoms of sex addiction include: recurring sexual fantasies, sexual impulses, and sexual behaviors for 6 months or more, and these symptoms are not due to drug abuse or other medical behaviors. Feeling depressed and remorse after the sexual act has triggered depression. According to the above symptoms, the client can confirm whether he is addicted, or if he has only a short-term sexual desire.

[3] Three criteria for judging sex addiction:

How to judge whether a person is suffering from “sex addiction”? You can refer to the standards given by the American Association for the Promotion of Sexual Health. If you have one of the following three signs, you may be a person with sex addiction:

①Do you feel that you cannot control your own sexual behavior?

② Has some kind of out-of-control sexual behavior caused a serious impact?

③Will you involuntarily and constantly think of some kind of out-of-control sexual behavior?

Once diagnosed as “sex addiction disorder”, and therefore affect normal work and life, cause mental pain and spiritual emptiness, and cause harm to others, you should actively seek treatment.

[4] How to treat sex addiction:

So, what should I do if hypersexuality has seriously interfered with my life?

1. Check if it is a physiological problem:

If the secretion of hormones in the body is disordered, which leads to higher hormone levels, it can also cause sex addiction. You can go to the hospital for treatment and drugs to eradicate the root cause of “sex addiction.” At the same time, patients also need to accept psychological interventions from psychological, family and social factors. Generally speaking, a comprehensive treatment method is better than a single treatment method. Drugs can be taken under the guidance of a doctor, which is the basis for controlling excessive sexual impulses and improving mood.

2. Find a professional psychologist for treatment.

Sex addiction is a kind of mental and psychological problem, you can find a professional sex psychologist for systematic analysis and treatment. Under normal circumstances, if you actively cooperate and receive psychological treatment, you can often receive positive results. If the cause of sexual addiction really stems from childhood experience, then you should seek help from a psychologist as soon as possible for professional consultation (desensitization therapy or exposure therapy)

3. Enhance personal willpower:

People with anxious attachment are more susceptible to sexual addiction, while those with low self-control, weak willpower, weak communication skills, and poor empathy are also susceptible to sexual addiction. The subject can examine oneself, whether there are any of the above situations, then it is recommended to pay attention to improving this ability in life. Maybe this is less helpful for getting rid of sexual addiction, but self-insight is conducive to adjusting the mentality and facing more positively. disease.

4. Divert attention and vent appropriately:

Proper venting is very necessary, for example, through sports, reading, traveling and other more meaningful activities to divert your attention and make your life more colorful. Develop a schedule for yourself, and execute it according to the plan every day.