September 30, 2022

Who in life needs sexual counseling?

There are many people who need sexual counseling in life, and they are of all kinds. They can be roughly divided into the following categories:

The first category is sexual perverts. There are individual people who have become sick in sexual behavior or sex due to early experiences or other reasons, deviating from normal people, and more commonly have fetishism (that is, obtaining sexual satisfaction through the collection of opposite sex underwear), Sadism, exhibitionism (that is, exposing the genitals in front of the opposite sex for satisfaction), voyeurism (seeing the nudity or sexual behavior of the opposite sex for satisfaction), etc. Among the more serious cases, non-consultation can solve the problem, and other treatment methods are required.

The second category is people who suffer from sexual behavior or sexual attitudes in their married life. Such as frigidity, hypersexuality, sexual fear, sexual guilt, etc.

The third category is people who are sexually confused among children and adolescents. If some children have precocious puberty, are particularly interested in sexual problems, and middle school students’ premature love problems, these need to be consulted by a psychologist. In addition, some elderly people’s sexual confusion, female-specific sexual confusion, etc., are also the objects of sexual psychological counseling.

All in all, no matter who has a sexual psychological barrier, he should consult a doctor in time and accept psychological counseling. Some young people are ashamed to talk about sexual issues, or don’t know how to talk to counseling doctors on sexual issues, then we should cooperate with the consultation to carry out some persuasion, education, and publicity work.

First of all, we can persuade these people. Once we find that they have abnormal tendencies in sex, we should do careful ideological work in time to help them realize that sex is a natural phenomenon, and it is our human inheritance and inheritance. The body structure determines the need for inheritance. Sexual behavior, sexual physiology, and sexual psychology have long been the objects of scientific research. Certain sexual abnormalities and weird sexual psychology do not necessarily mean the degeneration of personal conscience and morality, but It is determined by childhood experience or some genetic factors that have not yet been understood by people. It is a phenomenon with a certain generality. Only by receiving psychological counseling as soon as possible can the psychological depression and pain be relieved as soon as possible, and the health can be restored as soon as possible.

Secondly, we should tell people with unhealthy sexual psychology to boldly and openly communicate with the counseling physician. Only when they thoroughly expose their sexual distress, including every detail, the counselor will help you analyze the cause of the problem and find out. Come up with specific solutions to the problem.

Finally, when discussing your own problems with the consulting physician, it is best to start with specific examples in chronological order, avoid vagueness, speciousness, and stop talking, and do not stop at abstract and general discussions. Discuss the facts and analyze the issues in detail.