October 07, 2022

Psychological case: What should boys do if they are obsessed with pornographic websites


Adolescence is a period of high self-awareness. Adolescents in this period have strong self-esteem, pay close attention to their own image, and pay attention to the evaluation of others, especially their peers. Boys in adolescence are ridiculed by browsing pornographic websites on the impulse, which greatly damages their image in the eyes of others and can’t hold their heads up in front of their classmates.

In addition, after entering puberty, adolescents gradually mature due to their physiological development, which directly induces self-consciousness and are full of curiosity about “sex”. They are eager to acquire knowledge about sex through hidden or semi-public discussions and various channels. However, due to the incorrect and systematic understanding of sex knowledge, it is easy to cause deviations in the understanding of “sex”. Therefore, on the one hand, boys are eager for the understanding of sex, but on the other hand they cannot treat their sexual impulses correctly. Therefore, after he was discovered after browsing pornographic websites, he was extremely self-blame, felt that he was morally corrupt, and lowered his evaluation.


First of all, we must correctly understand the “sex” impulse during adolescence. Sexual impulse itself is not a terrible, shameless thing, it occurs largely due to the accelerated secretion of sex hormones in the body. From a biological point of view, sexual impulse is a physiological and psychological phenomenon, as long as you pay attention to the following adjustments, it will not affect normal learning and life.

1. Compensation shift and dilute attention. Actively participate in various group activities such as sports and entertainment, and watch more healthy film and television programs to dilute the focus and shift the excitement center of the brain’s central nervous system.

2. Resist the temptation and purify the source of stimulation. Obscene books and audio-visual products can easily induce impulsivity among boys and girls, leading to improper behavior. Therefore, adolescent boys and girls should consciously resist the temptation, avoid reading or listening to sexually stimulating books, audio and video, and purify the sources of stimulation around them. You may wish to read more healthy and beneficial books in your spare time, so that your mind will not go wrong.

3. Retain reason and strengthen self-control. It is impossible for humans to have no desires, but human impulses are restricted by morals, and human will can overcome the instinctive desires of the human body. Strengthening self-control exercise can restrain self-control. Generally speaking, a person who is rational and self-control is often cheerful, has a wide range of interests, is positive, has a good moral quality and good living habits, so even if they have sex, they will use self-control to suppress it.

Teenagers in adolescence need to fulfill three major dreams: study, find value in life, and make friends (not including one-on-one friends). All the things in a person’s life can be divided into three categories. The first category is things that can be done, such as reading; the second category is something that cannot be done, such as crime; the third category is things that one can do or not, and one can do or not. The less things he can do and the more things he can do, the more successful he will become.