October 05, 2022

What are the reasons for the formation of sexual perversion?

Sexual perversion patients usually have no requirements for normal sexual activities, and even fear. Their abnormal sexual behaviors are often compulsive and repetitive. Their self-control and self-protection abilities are often poor, but they do not occur from time to time.

The etiology of sexual perversions is still unclear. They include the influence of factors such as biological genetics, psychology, environment and society. They are just under the control of distorted sexual impulse, and suddenly put into action in specific situations and situations. At that time, they couldn’t control themselves. They didn’t prepare well beforehand. They can confess after the incident and often feel distressed. Unlimited regrets. Some people strongly demand treatment and hope to get rid of this painful situation, but some people don’t think they are sick.

At present, there is still a lack of clear and objective indicators for the diagnosis of abnormalities. Such indicators often bear obvious social and cultural imprints and change with historical changes. The following will analyze various possible causes of sexual perversions:

The results of biological genetic studies over the years have shown that there are no special chemicals in the brain and nervous system that are related to sexual perversions, and the results of hormone studies are always contradictory and no conclusion can be drawn. Experts are working hard to find genetic problems.

Patients with sexual psychological disorders often have personality defects of varying degrees. Such as compulsive personality-rigid and stubborn, also known as obsessive personality. He follows the rules, sticks to the old rules, has a conservative consciousness, lacks the ability to respond to changes, is indecisive and undecided in situations, is demanding of himself but lacks self-confidence, and is too cautious in his work. These people are prone to have obsessive-compulsive symptoms and anxiety and depression reactions. In addition, some people may have schizophrenia (such as voyeurism), immature or passive personality (such as exhibitionism).

The setbacks or conflicts in childhood and early sexual psychological development have a psychodynamic causal relationship with adult sexual perversions.

The boy is jealous because he loves his mother and treats his father as a rival in love, and he is afraid that his father will cut off his penis when he is angry.When he is older, the boy will give up his love for his mother and be like his father. Oedipus love is resolved normally.

Otherwise, this kind of love will freeze and form an Oedipus complex in the unconscious, which will have a serious adverse effect on the future character and become the source of future sexual psychology.

Generally speaking, abnormal sexual behavior is the consequence of sexual psychological conflict caused by unreasonable social coercion and repression, so it is also a complex social problem. According to Freud’s point of view, “perverted sexual behavior is the sexual behavior of young children”.

After adulthood, when sexual desire is restricted by the real life environment or personal personality defects and can not vent normally, it will retreat to the early consolidation point, avoid self-control, and directly express in the way of children’s sexual desire, forming sexual perversion.

Therefore, he believes that sexual perversion is the continuous expression of juvenile sexual desire in adult life and is satisfied in an early age.

Whether family education is appropriate has a vital influence on the formation of sexual perversions. The words and deeds of parents leave a deep mark on the children’s young minds. Therefore, parents are the children’s sex education teachers.

Parents’ sexual attitudes will affect the next generation through their intentional or unintentional actions. For example, transvestism is a hobby developed by parents repeatedly arranging children to wear clothes of the opposite sex. This is a kind of conditioned reflex. The process of metamorphosis.

The formation of homosexuality is closely related to environmental factors. Some homosexuals plant the seeds of “heterosexual terror” in their subconscious due to certain encounters in their childhood, and develop a psychological abnormality in adulthood, unwilling to associate with the opposite sex.

Some homosexuals are frustrated with the opposite sex, emotionally disgusted with the opposite sex, and at the same time are tempted by the same sex to go astray. In addition, improper parenting is also the main reason.

The mother spoiled her son excessively and raised him into a weak and unmanly man. There are also some parents who raise boys as girls for some reason, dressing up their sons in splendor. As time goes by, the son develops a female psychology. When he grows up, he tends to have a good impression of the same sex, but he is not interested in the opposite sex. In addition, some environments lacking the opposite sex, such as ocean-going ships, monasteries and prisons, are prone to homosexuality.

To prevent and treat homosexuality, a good social environment is needed, and general mental health principles and moral education should be promoted, such as family harmony, good education of children, normal communication and contact between opposite sexes, and scientific sex education. Try to reduce and eliminate the conditions and environments that cause members of society to have abnormal psychology and abnormal behavior. Patients with sexual perversions can receive psychological consultation and improve their symptoms through psychological treatment.