September 30, 2022

My child wants to change sex, what should parents do?

Danger: The suppression of gender identity disorder comes from social pressure

Some boys hate their gender, do not like intense activities, but like to be girls, dress themselves up as girls, love makeup and wear jewelry, they may suffer from “gender identity disorder”. Dr. Sheila Walmer, associate professor of family medicine and psychiatry at the University of California, Los Angeles School of Medicine, said that children can distinguish between the sexes as early as one year old. When they classify themselves into one gender, they will show the corresponding typical Behaviors and tendencies are finalized when they are 2 to 3 years old.

Gender identity disorder is related to heredity, brain structure, and the mother’s hormone influence during pregnancy. The study of twins found that the heritability of gender identity disorder reached 62%. The brains of some patients present the typical structure of the opposite sex, while some male patients are not sensitive to androgens, and the gene fragments responsible for encoding androgen receptors are too long. However, there are still many patients who cannot find these physiological characteristics. In addition, surveys show that many children with gender identity disorders grow up in problem families.

It is not pathological for boys to have a strong interest in another sex and take action, because they can live well and have fun. The survey found that two-thirds of boys with gender identity disorder grow up to be gay. Since homosexuality is no longer regarded as a mental disorder, gender identity disorder should not be regarded as a mental problem either.

The so-called “gender” is not only the gender in biology, but also a series of characteristics recognized by society and culture. For example, boys correspond to blue and girls correspond to pink. Therefore, the psychological problems of people with gender identity disorders are not caused by the barrier itself, but the result of external social pressure. As a minority “alternative”, they suffer too many others’ harassment, discrimination, rejection, violence, abuse and even murder. They have lived in discrimination and stigma since they were young. They are unwilling to play with their friends. They often feel anxious, lonely or even depressed. They are in a bad mood and easily commit suicide. Some women with gender identity disorder are prone to smoking, alcohol, drug abuse and other bad habits, even after sex reassignment surgery, the risk of suicide and mental illness is higher. If society can tolerate, their lives will be much better.

Treatment: degeneration is costly and cannot become a true opposite sex

The current treatment of gender identity disorder is nothing more than two methods:

1. Change the body’s physiology to conform to the psychological gender, such as hormone injections, sex reassignment surgery, plastic surgery, etc. Among them, sex reassignment surgery is quite controversial, because after it is done, there is no turning back. In the United Kingdom, medical experts use drugs to delay children’s puberty, so that they fully understand their problems, and then carefully consider whether they really need hormone therapy, and then do sex reassignment surgery. Zuo Xiaoping said that currently there is no such method of delaying puberty in China, and she does not approve of it, because it will disrupt the natural law of physical growth and development of young people.

2. Change the psychological identity to conform to the physical gender, such as psychological counseling, changing lifestyles, etc., but currently there is no “curable” gender identity disorder. Psychologists also help patients reduce the guilt of wearing heterosexual clothing and teach their spouses to adapt to their lifestyles. Zuo Xiaoping said that psychological counseling of patients with gender identity disorder may also change their cognition, but when they develop transsexualism, they will not reach the goal. Neither the parents nor the psychologist can reverse it. Even so, doctors still do not approve of gender reassignment surgery, because gender reassignment costs financially, is physically painful, and cannot become a true opposite sex, and will have no fertility in the future. A more realistic choice is to maintain the current gender, and Improve yourself in other ways.

For parents, Dr. Elizabeth Meyer, Assistant Professor of Education at California State Polytechnic University, offers the following suggestions:

1. Families should accept and tolerate children’s personalities and become their safe haven.

2. Parents conduct self-education and learn about gender identity and diversity.

3. Communicate with school teachers to protect children from being bullied and harassed by others