September 30, 2022

Psychological Case: Sexual Fear of Dream Analysis


Hello, I am a girl, 17 years old this year. I had a dream of fear yesterday. I dreamed that I was looking in the mirror and then I saw that my two cheeks were all red and unbreakable big acne. The two sides of the cheek are neatly densely packed. Then in my mind, there are a few scars on my forehead that have fallen pimples, and there is a small hole in them, and there are many, many puss in them. These pictures on the forehead, in my mind are It was magnified to the extreme, very scared! What is going on in this dream!

Psychological consultant analysis:

This dream, from the perspective of psychoanalytic theory, is a dream of sexual fear. At the same time, it also expresses a process of the dreamer’s self-knowledge (that is, the dreamer has realized that he has a certain sense of disgust and disgust towards sex. Phobia,), the image of the mirror in psychoanalysis, is a kind of intelligent self-knowledge.

Why is this a dream about sex? Let’s analyze it. In the mirror, the dreamer sees his head. This head symbolizes the male X head, and the dreamer’s two cheeks symbolize the male’s head. The testicles, and those dense acne, it symbolizes the folds on the scrotum, and the small hole on the dreamer’s forehead, it symbolizes the vaginal opening on the penis. We know that its function is to urinate and discharge. Essence, and a lot of pus on it, this is a better explanation, it is semen! Regarding the scar on the forehead, it means that the dreamer is very concerned, because the scar is to make us pay attention, and at the same time, it also symbolizes With vitality. Here, it is not excluded that the dreamer has a fear of conception.

From the above we can see that the dreamer’s fear in the dream is actually a fear of sex, or in other words, the dreamer’s fear of male sex organs, but behind the dreamer’s fear, the dreamer There is also a kind of concern, which is the same as that of many adolescent girls, that is, a sense of fear and disgust about sex and the sexual organs of the opposite sex, a sense of filth, and a sense of curiosity, a sense of obscurity. Of course, here, dreams are not excluded. The person has a certain sense of disgust towards himself, which needs to be combined with the actual life of the dreamer.

Later, through communication with the dreamer, we knew that the dreamer had seen some related movies and could not accept the oral sex behavior in the movie. He was very disgusted with the oral sex behavior. Then through the information provided by the dreamer, we can find that , The overlap between the face and the male genitals in the dream is the oral sex action in sexual behavior! Then the sexual fear we analyzed above is only the fear of the dreamer’s oral sex behavior!