October 05, 2022

Psychological analysis: 4 major causes of the virgin complex of men!

Nowadays, no matter what background and profession, men have a soft spot for virgins and have a keen interest. So, why do men appear strangely in this psychological condition? Let’s explore the four major causes in depth.

(1) On virgin purity:

As a man, I hope that his woman is pure and has not been tainted by other men. Because, in their minds, the virgin represents an uncomplicated past, and represents a kind of hint of unindulgence and self-love. Therefore, when a man marries a woman who is not beautiful and his friend cannot help but feel sorry for him, he may be very proud to tell you: his wife is an absolute virgin.

(2) Men’s exclusive psychology:

In the heart of a man, he is very eager for the woman he likes to be completely his own, including her mind and body. As a possessive man, when they learn that the woman they love has had an intimate relationship with other men before him, their mood is often very uncomfortable, and it is like eating a big green I can’t let go of it like a fly. Whenever there was some turmoil between them, he couldn’t help but wonder if she was thinking of the man. This depressed mood can make them feel very uncomfortable.

(3) Men’s desire to conquer:

Since ancient times, the world of men has been inseparable from women. Even a man with a very successful career needs beautiful women to set off his perfection and prestige. Therefore, this kind of man will be even more eager to get a woman who belongs to him completely physically and mentally. Because, when this is the case, they will feel that they have no regrets in their lives. Moreover, there will be a very fulfilling sense of conquest and satisfaction. Because they think that marrying a woman who has committed herself to other men is equivalent to wearing a big green hat for themselves.

(4) Life subconscious influence:

In fact, with the rapid development of life, some men in the new era don’t care much about the little hymen of a woman. They pay more attention to the process and feelings of love between two people. However, due to the blind worship of the virgins in life, and the media’s imperceptible propaganda of various maiden voyages, debut shows, and debuts, it is extremely precious that the so-called first publicity is imperceptible. As a result, they had to change their original ideas and gradually became interested in virgins.