October 05, 2022

Psychological analysis of bisexuality

Today, we will find that while heterosexuality is the mainstream, homosexuality is also recognized. This is what we believe to have completed the age of the sexual revolution. But the third way still doesn’t work. The society refuses to recognize the demands of bisexuals, that is, the right to fall in love with men and women indiscriminately.


Bisexuality, also known as bisexuality, is a kind of sexual orientation or behavior. It refers to the tendency of not only a single sex (including males and females) to have feelings of affection, and to be easily attracted to their bodies. It is one of the three main categories of sexual orientation, and it is in line with heterosexuality and homosexuality. Individuals who are not sexually attracted to both males and females are asexual.

Bisexuality is at the level of sexual psychology from the perspective of genetics, and the sexual objects or the way of satisfying sexual desire are different from ordinary people. For example, the sexual desire activity is not directed to the opposite sex, or the sexual organs of both men and women are not used to achieve sexual satisfaction.

2. Proportion

The ratio of bisexuality: gay men are about twice as much as bisexual men, and bisexual women are about twice as much as lesbians

3. Are bisexuals always together?

For bisexual women, there are many stigmatizing stereotypes. For example, bisexual women have sex with women in order to attract men’s attention (because many men think women’s previous sexual behaviors are sexy); or, bisexual women are only temporarily confused about their sexual orientation (they will definitely be in the future) You will find yourself either heterosexual or homosexual); bisexual women are just lascivious; bisexual women are very greedy, and bisexual women will definitely cheat.

In fact, bisexuality means the existence of the potential to be “attracted by men or women”, but it does not mean that sexual desires for men and women occur simultaneously. Whether a person likes two people at the same time is determined by the complexity of human nature. This problem exists for people of any gender identity. Whether a person chooses to be with two people at the same time is determined by values, and has nothing to do with gender or sexual orientation.

Bisexuality means that when I am attracted to a person, that person’s gender may be male or female. The influence of this gender identity is nothing more than that.

In addition, a bisexual person does not necessarily mean that he feels the same degree of attraction to men and women. Generally speaking, a bisexual person will have certain preferences in both sexes, such as “more easily attracted by men, but also by women.” It should be noted that this kind of attraction must be romantic and sexually oriented. Intimacy with the same sex is not the same as bisexuality

4. Go left and go right

The human sociologist, Catherine Deschamps, pointed out: “Our society cannot abandon dual logic. It is either heterosexual or homosexual, and there is no other in between.” Simple dual logic is better than crude unifying thesis. step. But it also urges those who are originally in the middle gray zone to stand on both sides consciously-either to the right or to the left.

5. Experts say

In fact, everyone has a bit of bisexuality in their subconscious mind. Claude Estuji added: “It comes from the two-way imitation of our parents when we were young.” At the beginning of the 20th century, Freud put forward the concept of “psychological bisexuality”, that is, “each gender shows certain characteristics of the other gender”.

He believes that we have “some characteristics of both male and female. These constitute the most vague concepts in the scientific field”. Another sexologist, Philippe Brenot, clearly stated: “If a heterosexual person has some sexual fantasies about the same sex (and vice versa), it does not mean that he will put them into practice. Of other things realized in fantasy and depression.”

It doesn’t matter at all to determine your sexual orientation, and it doesn’t matter whether your lover is male or female. The important thing is love. If it is too extravagant to talk about love in this era, then another way of saying it is called inner desire.

If you are bisexual, don’t have to be afraid, you can choose your own path