October 07, 2022

Peeping and the psychology of human nature

A Hollywood movie called “Peeping” is also popular all over the world, earning record revenue, and the content of the movie also involves privacy. The selling point of privacy is so good, and the reason may be more exciting and interesting than privacy itself.

It tells the story of a voyeur: his name is Luo Ji, a male, aged between twenty-five and thirty years old. He is the owner of a columnar building for rent. He spent a huge amount of money to secretly install camera lenses in the living room, bedroom and even the toilet of each suite in the building.He sat in his room, facing dozens of TV screens, and put any family in the room. Any events that happen have a panoramic view.

This is a typical image of a psychopath. But if we say that peeping is Luo Ji’s unique hobby, then we are really wronging him. There are two plots in the film to prove that voyeurism is a hobby or demand that everyone has. One is in the room of the heroine Jiali, a lady who does not seem to like to peek at other people’s privacy. When she saw the “realistic” footage of a couple in another building with a binoculars, she screamed with joy. When they got up, other people also rushed to watch this wonderful scene, for fear of missing the opportunity; although some people shouted at this time to do so is abnormal, but in the circumstances at that time, he was so untimely. On the contrary, it seems abnormal. Normal and abnormal are often converted in this way. The second is that when Jiali sat in front of dozens of screens like Luo Ji and witnessed the family life of all living beings, her expression was fickle, sometimes sad, sometimes happy, and sometimes angry, but there was no change, that is, she was very engaged from beginning to end. . This indisputably proves that she also “goods this bite.”

But after all, Luo Ji is abnormal. We can jokingly call him a “professional voyeur”, because he spends too much time and energy on peeping, far more than Jiali who only peeks under certain conditions. “Amateur”.

The content that can be peeped is the key factor that determines the motivation of the peeper. If all you peek at are trivial things like eating and chatting, washing your face and brushing your teeth, your desire to peep will be greatly reduced. Only when they can sneak a glimpse of the plots that everyone will do, but no one will do it in front of others, or even talk about it in front of others, will peepers enjoy it, such as husband and wife sex in the film, young women masturbating , Stepfather molested stepdaughter and so on.

People’s voyeuristic interest in sexual content has never diminished. From the perspective of the ladder-shaped structure diagram of human needs, the need for sex is at the lowest level, and above this is the need for safety, belonging, love and respect, and the highest level is the need for self-realization. Generally speaking, the lower the needs, the closer to the animal needs. In other words, people’s need for sex is determined by their physiological structure, and it is the creator who installs a directional motor in our body. For thousands of years, the horsepower of this engine has never dropped. This is of course the most direct reason why humans have been able to multiply so far. But sex is definitely not only determined by the physiological structure. The imprint of the times and culture printed by humans on the issue of sex is much more vivid and profound than anything else.

Peeping may also produce some positive social effects to some extent. The man who molested his underage stepdaughter in the film stopped his crime because of Luo Ji’s revelation. Luo Ji therefore proudly said that “camera lenses should be installed in every family in this city” in order to reduce violence and crime.

However, no matter how extensive the human foundation of voyeurism is, and no matter how many positive social effects it can produce, Luo Ji-style voyeurism is unacceptable. At the end of the film, Jiali smashed all the screens with a pistol. Between peeping and preserving privacy, she decisively chose the latter.

The reason why Luo Ji became such a pathological voyeur was his mother. His mother is a soap opera actress who has been performing outside for a long time and rarely has time to accompany him. Later, the two women he fell in love with looked like his mother. This was a manifestation of his subconscious desire to find the lack of maternal love in his childhood. Luo Ji said that the content he spied on was the best and most authentic soap opera in the world, which reflected his concern for his mother from one side. These plots show that the screenwriter and director of the film are deeply influenced by Freud’s classic psychoanalytic theory.

We can also understand the causes of voyeurism from the perspective of security. Generally speaking, the voyeur is in an active and safe position, while the voyeur is in a passive and insecure position. Security needs are a powerful force second only to sex, and those who lack it will desperately want it. Luo Ji’s method of gaining a sense of security is by voyeurism. Faced with all the men, women and children in that building, he can say with a sense of security in his heart: I know everything about you, but you don’t know anything about me; I can use this at any time, To achieve any goal I want to achieve; you are all subjects under my lens.

Modern psychoanalytic theory will use another way to understand the causes of voyeurism. The theory believes that any person establishes a subject-object relationship with the world as soon as he is born. The first object he faces is the mother’s breast-room. If he separates from the object prematurely in the process of growing up, he will subconsciously and compulsively look for the object that was lost in his childhood after he grows up. For most of these people, the way to find objects will be limited to the scope allowed by society. For example, they may pursue money, status, power, etc. to replace objects lost in childhood. But for Luo Ji, these are far from satisfying his needs.He has to go beyond the social rules and face dozens of screens that project all aspects of other people’s family life at the same time, in an incomparably precise and practical way. Only when he is related to the object at this moment, he has the feeling of having the object of childhood again.

Human nature is indeed too complicated. There are countless kinds of psychopaths, and there are all these abnormal seeds in each of us, and they may sprout and grow when the right conditions are met. Or in other words, no psychological problem is unique to a certain person or groups of people. Understanding this will increase our sympathy and love for others. One of the most important criteria to distinguish abnormal from normal is to see whether a person’s behavior conforms to the ethical and moral norms of his time. We hope that these norms will gradually become more tolerant as mentioned earlier, so as to give more freedom to human nature. At the same time, we also hope that man-made tragedies will become less and less as our understanding of human nature increases.