September 30, 2022

Can sexual orientation be changed?

Now in the world, no doctor can effectively change the sexual orientation of homosexuals; no one can turn homosexuals into heterosexuals. If anyone can do this, he can get the Nobel Prize.

Doctors have no effective way to change people’s sexual orientation, neither can they turn homosexuality into heterosexuality, nor can they turn heterosexuality into homosexuality.

The reasons for homosexuality are currently unknown and are not determined by the individual will of the parties. If you want your children to become heterosexual, you can experiment with yourself first to see if you can change yourself from heterosexual to homosexual. If not, please respect your child’s “same sex orientation”.

Now the whole world no longer regards homosexuality as a “disease” or “mental illness”, naturally there is no need for treatment. Even if the reasons for the formation of homosexuality have been identified, even if there is a scientific way to change their sexual orientation, in fact, they are not treated, because the parties themselves will feel that only the current “homosexuality” status is the real source of their happiness .

Now, the time has come to test whether you really love your children. If you really love this child, no matter if he is homosexual or heterosexual, he is your child. He was your child in the past, he is still your child, and will still be your child in the future. I believe you will continue to love him. If you don’t love him anymore because he is gay, and kick him out of the house, and the society does not accept them, how do you let them live?! Some data show that 27% of homosexuals have attempted suicide.

There are a few individual homosexuals who unknowingly become heterosexual when they are in their 40s or 50s.

Psychological counseling for homosexuals

Homosexuality does not deliberately, and homosexual sexual orientation is no longer considered a disease. Even if you want to change your sexual orientation due to social pressure, there is no effective way in science. Of course, in psychological counseling, we will encourage homosexuals to actively develop and broaden their entire personality, and see how it works in the future. Maybe it will change, maybe nothing will change, it’s impossible to say. However, whether homosexual or heterosexual, the healthy development of personality is the theme of life.

Homosexuals are easy to label themselves and say “I am a homosexual”. At this time, I will say: In addition to your sexual orientation, you are a homosexual, what other characteristics do you have? In life, what important roles do you play? What are your personality characteristics? What is your interpersonal relationship? What is going on? Your study and work…? Eventually, I will let the visitor see that in addition to his own homosexual sexual orientation, he also has many personal characteristics in many aspects, and has a lot of personal prospects that need to be developed.

Just like heterosexuals, homosexuals also have many psychological problems, such as depression, neurosis, stress disorder, interpersonal problems, etc. Regarding these psychological problems, the way of psychological consultation and treatment is no different from that of heterosexuals.

If psychotherapy is to be given to homosexuals, just like heterosexuals, the goal of treatment is to promote the improvement and development of their personality, not to change their sexual orientation. If you do psychoanalytic therapy, the therapist will find that in their two or three-year-old “mother-infant stage” and “early stage of Oedipus stage”, there will be some psychological development problems, such as self-identification of sexual identity , Recognition of sexual roles, interaction with parents, etc. Solving these psychological problems is to improve his personality, not to change his sexual orientation!

Conclusion: Homosexuality is no longer a disease! Whether it is homosexuality or heterosexuality, this kind of love emotion is always so beautiful. Homosexuals and heterosexuals are on the same earth. I hope everyone can respect each other and live in harmony.