September 30, 2022

How does fetishism come about?

Clinically, the cause of fetishism is not clear, but the following possible causes can be summarized:

The impact of accidental events: The fetish behaviors of most patients were initially related to some accidental events, but after several repetitions, it became a morbid conditioned reflex. Sometimes just a deep impression can also cause a fixed psychological shadow, this kind of situation mostly appears in adolescence.

For example, when a young man was lying on the ground, a charming woman put a foot on him. This accidental action actually aroused his sexual desire. Later, the man became a lifelong foot fetish.

Psychological problems in adolescence: Many patients’ fetish behaviors are related to the social and cultural environment and sexual experiences of adolescence.

At the school stage, there is less contact between men and women, and boys and girls rarely even talk. This makes some teenagers turn their sexual impulses to some symbols of the opposite sex. Although at first they obtained objects of the opposite sex by accident, and sexual excitement was also caused by accident, it became a habit after several repetitions.

Abnormal sexual psychological development: Fetish patients generally have the characteristics of abnormal sexual psychological development. Some of them are introverted and often play unsuccessful male roles in the relationship between the sexes. The resulting inner conflicts cause strong anxiety, and then pass The psychological defense mechanism shifts the target of sexual impulses to female products; some patients are subconsciously worried about their genitals and their functions, which prompts them to seek safer and easier-to-obtain sexual objects, and then treat the opposite sex Personal items, accessories or a part of the body are used as a substitute for the sex organs to relieve inner anxiety.

In addition, lack of sexual knowledge, curiosity and certain issues in consciousness are also reasons for fetishism.

For fetishism, it is usually summarized as a manifestation of sexual psychology. This psychology may lead to bad social cognition, bring many bad effects to family and society and subsequent unpredictable harm.

During the adolescence, parents and teachers should guide them correctly, and if they find some abnormal performance, they should actively carry out psychological corrections to help young people grow up healthy.