October 05, 2022

How to avoid psychological trauma caused by sexual harassment?

How to avoid sexual harassment and psychological trauma after harassment

When encountering sexual harassment, the younger and more introverted person is, the more likely it is to develop traumatic experiences.

1. How to avoid sexual harassment

The human body’s metabolism is faster in summer, and men are more likely to be sexually impulsive, and their aggression is also increased compared with winter. Men who have less moral needs are prone to improper behavior towards women. How to avoid this problem?

First of all, women should pay attention to dressing. They should avoid wearing clothes such as open chests and short backs or miniskirts to crowded or secluded places; secondly, for some people who are inevitable, if they find that they have sexual harassment attempts, they should Take various measures to resist; finally, every woman must increase some knowledge about sexual harassment to protect her own interests and avoid psychological harm.

2. How to avoid psychological trauma after experiencing sexual harassment

When encountering sexual harassment, many women will not raise it on the spot, nor will they confide in others. They will think it is a shame and experience a sense of fear, resulting in inferiority complex. How can such a hurt friend come out?

First of all, after being harassed, she should communicate and vent with a close friend, provided that this friend will not hurt herself and make herself feel safe; second, she should understand that her helplessness, fear, and injury are not the fault. Yourself. It’s like you are walking on the road and you are bitten by a dog. The dog is at your fault. Don’t be troubled with yourself

Finally, when you feel that your life has been seriously affected, you must be brave enough to take the step of psychological assistance and communicate with a psychologist to gradually relieve the pressure and relieve the knots.

Many women chose to be silent after being harassed because of their self-esteem and face.

Their first reaction after encountering sexual harassment was: forget it, just don’t act excessively. As everyone knows, this invisibly contributes to the fluke of the harasser.

Although sexual harassment is possible all year round, the peak season for incidents is the summer. After most harassed people experience harassment, their psychology and life will be affected, and even cause psychological shadows.