September 30, 2022

What does the kidney in the dream mean?

What does kidney mean in dream?. In dreams, these have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the dreamer’s subjective imagination.

Kidney in the dream usually reminds the dreamer to pay attention to his own health, pay attention to diet, and not to increase the burden on the kidney.

The kidney beating constantly in the dream indicates that you may participate in a yellow scandal.

In the dream, the kidney refuses to work, foretells that a great loss will happen to you.

Kidney pain in the dream may indicate that you will have the opportunity to travel abroad, or your business will expand overseas and your financial resources will increase. On the other hand, remind you to pay attention to safety when carrying out water-related activities.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: The adult body symbolizes the person’s complete image (including his character and characteristics) or conscious self in the dream. When a person is a baby waiting to be fed, his body becomes his most important source of information.

Psychological analysis: The kidney is one of the excretory organs of the human body. In the dream, the kidney indicates that you should clean yourself.

Case analysis of kidneys in dreams

【Dream Case 1】
Maybe it was watching some horrible news? At night, I dreamed that a person was being held by several people to get a kidney. I thought it was illegal, so I planned to call the police. But when I was on the phone, I was found out. One person threatened me, saying that the people whose kidneys had been removed were to blame for themselves. Don’t be nosy, and then these people didn’t use anesthetics. The man had his kidney removed and ran away in fright. When he reached a bridge, someone told him that the bridge was called Yongsheng Bridge. There were iron chains around the bridge. Then I saw someone under the bridge and saw two fish in a water cart. I asked me if I wanted it. I told me to install it for me, but the fish was crushed by a juicer.

Dream Analysis: News has a great influence on you, and it is not excessive to describe it as shock. You are a little bit scared and horrified. Your subconscious has always asked yourself this question: What should I do if I encounter such a problem? You have thoughts every day and dreams at night. Around this problem, your brain then showed you and reviewed it in your dream. The scene of the horror news made you feel fear again. You are a kind person, what you think about most is how to help others, and you imply that you want to help. You long for the power of justice, but you feel powerless about some of the facts of society. Your helplessness comes from violence, which shows that you are a person who is not brave enough. In reality, you like to escape. When you are unable to solve a problem, you directly choose to escape. The above remarks only represent personal views, please understand if there is any defect or impropriety!

[Dream Case 2]
The kidney was stolen in the dream (the reason is that I didn’t know where to go with an unknown boss, and then I didn’t know what happened. I only knew that I saw a good brother the next morning and I ran over. I asked him where I was going, and then I asked where I was going. Then I couldn’t remember, and then I found a lot of mosquito bites on my body. I saw a wound on my waist covered with ice.
Dream analysis: Recently, the pressure has been too much, and it is a little too weak.

[Dream case 3]
In the dream, the right kidney was shot by a bullet, and then crawled around, climbed to two hospitals, the doctors were all very cold…The dream was so clear that I remembered the threshold I climbed over, and the traffic on the street.
Dream analysis: The right kidney was shot by a bullet, which means that you may encounter problems in your life that you need to solve immediately. On the one hand, it means that you are worried about yourself. It will be more dangerous to stand up. In addition, it also expresses a low profile. The attitude of people helping you doctors are all very indifferent, meaning that no one wants to help you and the details in it represent the hardships, the traffic on the street, and symbolize other people in life who don’t care about you. Of course, you said it was a kidney injury. , I thought about whether it is a sexual thing, the doctor can symbolize the woman next to you.

[Dream Case 4]
In my dream last night, my boyfriend’s kidney was stolen by a weird person who can fly over the wall. What does it mean? Does it mean that my boyfriend is going to have an accident?
Dream analysis: You do not get real satisfaction from your boyfriend in terms of sex. You subconsciously expect him to satisfy you.