October 05, 2022

Sexual addiction is a mental illness!

What is sex addiction?

Sexual addiction is a kind of mental illness, which can also be effectively treated, but it is not 100% cured. Sex addiction, usually sex addiction is defined as “the impulse to seek sex at all costs”. According to the research of American medical experts, 5% of people in the United States suffer from “sex addiction”, and the number is still increasing. The situation is extreme The person may also suffer from “persistent impulse disorder.” Usually, patients with sex addiction need to change their sexual partners constantly to satisfy themselves, but after a short period of happiness, they get endless troubles.

Sex addiction is a disease, both men and women can suffer

Sexual addiction is characterized by the pursuit of too frequent sexual behaviors while ignoring moral and legal restrictions. This kind of behavior will seriously affect the family and society, and the serious ones will embark on the road of crime. Patients with sex addiction often fall into two situations:

First, hypersexuality refers to a person who is indulging in sex all day long, disregarding normal life, laws, and morals, constantly looking for a sexual partner to go to bed, almost unable to control himself. The main reason is the disorder of hormone secretion in the body. Most of them are caused by endocrine diseases, such as adrenal gland tumors, pituitary tumors, testicular tumors, etc., which lead to excessive androgen secretion, or due to drug abuse, such as alcohol, drug abuse, cough drops, tramadol, and Valium Lead to hypersexuality.

Second, too frequent sexual behaviors caused by psychological factors, family factors and social environment factors. “Some research reports point out that injuries suffered in childhood (including excessive physical punishment, sexual assault, or being abandoned by relatives) can easily lead to the development of mental illness.”

At present, the public is still very ignorant of the issue of sex addiction. In fact, patients cannot control their own behavior. If they do not engage in this kind of sexual behavior, they will be very irritable and anxious. Once implemented, they will often fall into guilt, Can’t extricate themselves in the emotion of self-blame and regret.

Not all romantic people are men, women can also suffer from sex addiction. For women who are addicted to sex, their partner cannot meet her needs at all. Therefore, suffering from sex addiction is not a happy thing, even if there is happiness or gaining sexual benefits, it is often temporary.

Who is a sex addict?

For a relationship, sex can be healthy. However, some people become addicted to sex, extramarital affairs, and other activities. If you think this is just a primitive desire, please think twice. Like other addictive behaviors, sex becomes a tool for numbing painful feelings, killing time or avoiding loneliness.

It is estimated that about 3%-6% of adults in the United States suffer from sex addiction. Experts believe that the Internet provides unlimited opportunities for browsing pornographic content and online sex, leading to a significant increase in sex addiction cases.

“We have seen that the proportion of sex addiction has reached epidemic proportions, especially online sex.” Psychologists said. Recently, therapists have discovered that more women are suffering from addictive symptoms related to Internet pornography, so Internet pornography has become a “non-gender” dependence. She said that in the past, female sex addicts were more inclined to have extramarital affairs or go into skin business.

Experts admit that it is not that people who have extramarital affairs or who watch pornographic pictures are necessarily sex addicts. These could be just pastimes. Only when they have a negative impact on a person’s social relations, occupy free time, and cannot be stopped, then dependence is formed.

Why is it addictive?

About 80% of sexual addiction cases have a history of sexual abuse or emotional trauma. Experts point out that a large number of people who develop sexual addiction have been abused, violated or raped. “If you have been abused, you will tend to distrust others, and as a performance, you will be more likely to turn to things like sex addiction.”,

Experts point out that feeling neglected in childhood can also lead to sex addiction, whether it is because the parents are divorced or because they both work and cannot spend much time with their children.

The neurological research on sexual addiction is inconclusive. Naturally produced chemicals in the brain, such as dopamine and histamine, do contribute to the function of sex, but it is not clear how they are related to sex addiction. These two chemicals are lower in the brains of children who have been sexually abused, which may explain why some abused children raise the levels of dopamine and histamine through their bodies or through food.

Many adolescents’ sexual development starts with pornographic pictures, and then they find that their sexual relations with people are not so satisfying. Pornographic materials give them a “very strong chemical shock”, while other ways of thinking about sex are nothing but It’s a kind of conditioned reflex mechanism of “ring the bell and feeding the dog”. As a result, addicts become associated with sex and objects, and it is difficult to obtain the same degree of satisfaction from a stable relationship with others.

For many people, especially women, sex addiction is often accompanied by other problems such as eating disorders, drug or alcohol dependence. Experts say that, unlike the treatment of drug or alcohol addiction, the goal of sex addiction treatment is usually not abstinence, but Learn how to engage in sexual activity in relationships with others, experts say. Similarly, a person recovering from a binge eating disorder will not stop eating completely, but learn how to manage their diet.

Sexual addiction can seriously harm our mental health, and it is an unhealthy sexual behavior. It is recommended that everyone learn to adjust themselves, maintain a state of mental health, and learn some relevant psychological knowledge to help themselves adjust themselves.