October 05, 2022

Help you get out of the vicious circle of masturbation

Masturbation is a common sexual behavior among unmarried young people, which also shows that the fallacy about masturbation still has a wide range of influence; although there are already many articles on masturbation on the website, I think it is necessary to analyze masturbation here to help some young people Get out of the unstoppable problem.

Masturbation refers to a kind of sexual behavior that consciously stimulates the reproductive organs through hands or appliances to seek orgasm.

Since the time of the “Old Testament”, masturbation has been criticized, and all non-reproductive sexual acts are sins. Therefore, all kinds of false propaganda have far-reaching and huge influence for thousands of years. Many teenagers are always in conflicts caused by masturbation. On the one hand, it is the temptation of masturbation pleasure, and on the other hand, they are fear, guilt, guilt and self-blame after masturbation. According to relevant statistics, 17% of teenagers feel guilty and self-blame for masturbation from time to time, 32% feel guilty and self-blame sometimes, 32% rarely feel guilty, and 19% never feel guilty.

It can be seen that more than half are guilty. The real harm is this misunderstanding of masturbation, because negative psychological hints may cause physical diseases.

In fact, masturbation itself is harmless, it is a normal human physiological behavior. Laboratory research by the Masters confirmed that there is no difference between the physiological reactions caused by masturbation and sexual intercourse, indicating that masturbation will never cause premature ejaculation, impotence, neurasthenia, etc.; on the contrary, modern sex therapists also use masturbation techniques as a technique. One of the measures to treat impotence, premature ejaculation, vaginal-tract spasm, and orgasm disorder; a survey by Kinsey half a century ago showed that 58% of women and 92% of men have masturbation, which fully illustrates the universality of masturbation. So there is no need to think that you are special and morally corrupt because you masturbate.

However, in actual life, many teenagers do affect their normal life due to masturbation, such as indulging in masturbation and being unable to extricate themselves, thinking that they are excessively masturbating and worrying, and blaming any abnormalities in their sexual organs to masturbation and remorse. Believing that masturbation is bad, forcing myself to quit but failing repeatedly, resulting in self-doubt and lowered confidence. Therefore, here are some suggestions to help you overcome bad psychological reactions:

1. With the development and maturity of sexual physiology, adolescence will inevitably produce sexual impulses and sexual requirements, sexual consciousness, sexual fantasies, and sexual desire and sexual hunger; generally, it takes seven, eight years or even longer to be legal To satisfy sexual requirements through marriage, but during this time the sexual energy is the highest in life, so it is necessary to vent to relieve the physical fullness and relieve the restlessness caused by sexual tension. Masturbation is the simplest and most The convenient and safest way of catharsis has become the natural choice of many teenagers.

Second, whether masturbation is appropriate does not depend on the frequency of masturbation, but mainly depends on your physical and mental capacity. The reason why many young people have a strong desire to quit masturbation is that the root cause is that masturbation is sinful and harmful, and therefore feel fear, guilt, and anxiety; in fact, as long as masturbation has a correct understanding and can be accepted in a calm manner, Just go with the flow, don’t force yourself to quit.

3. But it is not that masturbation has no disadvantages. Boys rely too much on masturbation to excrete bad moods. Although they can temporarily relieve depression, this is actually an escape from the causes of bad moods, and they dare not face the reality; using masturbation as a place to escape will only make people more introverted and introverted. Depression is not suitable for normal psychological development. What you need to do is to change the shortcomings of your personality and take positive actions to solve real problems.

4. Too much indulge in masturbation leads to masturbation syndrome. Masturbation is the main sexual act to satisfy one’s own sexual desire, which reduces the impulse to pursue the opposite sex, thereby reducing the opportunity for personal and social interaction; pay attention to sexual relations with a partner in the future Too much concentration on self-satisfaction, ignoring the happiness and satisfaction of partners. This is obviously harmful and unhelpful.

Fifth, masturbation will inevitably lead to energy consumption, too much masturbation will naturally distract one’s attention from study, work, and communication, which is not conducive to the overall development of the individual. Sex is an important content of life, but it is by no means everything. Therefore, if masturbation affects normal study, work and life, it is necessary to exercise restraint, divert and sublimate part of the exuberant sexual energy, and invest in career, study and entertainment. Go in, pursue the satisfaction of people’s higher-level needs.

Sixth, to reduce masturbation, we must talk about methods, and try to eliminate the conditions and environments that easily cause masturbation.

1. You should avoid being alone, find friends to socialize, and participate in outdoor activities, because the more hidden and boring, the easier it is to masturbate.

2. Stay away from yellow materials as much as possible; young people have strong curiosity about sex, but they should be satisfied by learning healthy and scientific knowledge of sex; yellow materials will not only bring too strong stimulation, but also spread some wrong sex Information makes people have wrong sex concepts, and it is not a small harm.

3. Develop a regular lifestyle, go to bed and get up regularly, do not sleep late, do not sleep in bed, and get up as soon as possible after waking up in the morning.

4. It is still necessary to cultivate more hobbies, participate in more group activities, and communicate more. If your life is enriched, your attention to sex will decrease.

In the normal development of human sexual behavior, the transition from self-sex to heterosexuality will go through three periods:
1. Masturbation;
2. Masturbation with heterosexual contact;
3. Heterosexual contact, no more masturbation or occasional masturbation.
Therefore, masturbation is the second source of sexual pleasure and a means of catharsis in addition to heterosexual intercourse. After marriage, masturbation will decrease sharply. I hope that through your own thinking and action, everyone can smoothly realize the natural transition from masturbation to heterosexuality.