October 02, 2022

What does castration in the dream mean?

What does castration in the dream mean?. In dreams, these have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the dreamer’s subjective imagination.

Men’s dreams of being castrated, on the one hand, may imply a serious inner fear of losing power, sexual ability, or vitality. On the other hand, it may also imply that the children or themselves will be harmed, or even the son will encounter an accident. It may also express subconscious rejection of sex, or warn the dreamer not to pursue an unusually dangerous relationship.

Married women’s castration in their dreams also expresses concerns about their husbands’ sexual abilities or extramarital affairs.

Unmarried women see men being castrated in their dreams, suggesting subconscious fear of sex, or subconsciously aware of the danger of sexual temptation, reminding themselves not to fall into some dangerous emotional game.
When a woman castrates a man in her dream, it reflects the potential in her heart to dominate and conquer the other party.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: Dreams with sexual harm as the content are generally related to the fear of panic in your heart. The brutal castration in the dream means that if you ignore the fear hidden in your heart and its reasons, you will cause unnecessary harm to yourself.

Psychological analysis: This kind of dreams can represent the difficulties and conflicts encountered in the fusion of the feminine and masculine aspects of human nature.

Spiritual symbol: You have given up sexual demands spiritually. Dreams indicate that a man is afraid of losing his masculinity or sexual ability.

Case analysis of castration in dreams

【Dream Case 1】
The things in the dream can be said to be bizarre,-I feel embarrassed to come, I was castrated in my dream. At that time, my heart was painful and nervous, and I suddenly woke up. (Male, 30 years old)

Dream analysis: Castration in the dream is to warn you not to play emotional games. Castration in the dream is caused by your heart being too worried about your privacy. It is warning you not to pursue the feelings that do not belong to you.

[Dream Case 2]
I was castrated in my sleep last night, is this good or bad?
Dream analysis: This dream is to warn you not to play emotional games.

[Dream case 3]
In my dream, I was castrated. It was my father who castrated me. There seemed to be some insect’s egg inside, with a thick orange liquid. It was cut down and watched for a long time. After a while, the teeth in my mouth were shaking, and they almost fell off when I licked my tongue. I took it down with my hands. I didn’t have much strength. After removing the teeth, I placed the teeth on the table. Count, 5 are a small group, of which there are big and small. First, count the two groups. Finally, there are 4 remaining. A total of 14 teeth have been lost. Then I looked in the mirror to see that I still have some teeth in the bottom. The big teeth on the back are the ones that grow in the lower front teeth. In the end, there seemed to be a wound on the thigh that was bleeding all the time. I couldn’t help it, so I got a plastic band, a bag like soy milk, but it was two times smaller than that. I used this plastic band to connect the wound, and then I didn’t care. After a while, I saw that the bag was filled with my blood. It was very heavy. I cut the plastic bag with my nails and the blood slowly came out.

I have never dreamed of such horrible things since I was little. It’s so horrible. I hope everyone can help me see what happened to me. I am a male and I am 20 years old. Thank you!

Dream analysis: Castration itself also has a deeper symbolic meaning, that is, loss of masculinity. Your father wants to castrate you because of your potential hostility with your father.