September 30, 2022

Men’s sexual harassment mostly stems from sexual depression

A man often sexually harass a woman, mainly because of sexual depression or distorted psychology of sex hunting. The workplace is also an area with a high incidence of sexual harassment. As women in the workplace, especially in an environment where employment pressure is relatively high, they should pay more attention to protecting themselves.

Sexual harassment of men Type A: Sexual depression leads to sexual hunger and thirst

Sexual depression leads to sexual hunger and thirst, which is the type that most sexually harass men. If a man opens his mouth and talks about sex regardless of time or occasion, even if he has to move hands and feet to a woman who meets for the first time, it means that he may be suffering from sexual depression. Disharmony in married life, lack of sexual partners for a long time, or lack of sexual satisfaction can cause sexual depression. And the more sex topics he talked about, the more frequently he was depressed. Due to long-term sexual depression, it has caused hunger and thirst for sex. After seeing some women who are sexy or well-behaved, they will offend on impulse.

Sexual depression is actually common to both men and women. The difference is that if some men’s sexual depression is not adjusted in time, coupled with their own social morality and legal awareness, they may behave in harming others, while women are not easy to cause others. hurt.

Sexual harassment of men Type B: If you have money, you want to hunt for sex

Some men may not be sexually depressed, but they seem to be particularly lustful and can’t hold themselves when they see a woman. This is actually a distorted manifestation of male sex hunting psychology.

The psychology of sex hunting is a product of the current social background. Many upstarts keep looking for all kinds of women after they have money in their pockets. On the other hand, there are also some women who are willing to exchange their bodies for money and status. Both sides hit it off and each got what they needed. This in turn encourages these men to think that money can buy everything. They keep looking for all kinds of sexual partners, and they keep changing after they succeed. This is hunting sex.

This kind of harassment is easy to happen in the office. When a rich and powerful man sees a female subordinate, he will use his power to make sexual demands on the other party. Some women will make compromises in the face of this kind of interest relationship.

I have met several girls, and they all talked about being the lover of their boss. They were very reluctant, but there was no way. Otherwise, the salary and job title would be reduced, and there might even be job loss. In the current period of relatively high employment pressure, many women have to make compromises in order to protect their current jobs or to obtain a career.

Sexual Harassment Man Type C: Overconfidence

There is also a type of men, who may appear to outsiders to be ordinary, average-looking, and have no money or power. But he has absolute self-confidence in front of women, thinking that as long as he speaks himself, any kind of woman can be obtained. Most of these men have rich sexual experience, are well aware of women’s weaknesses, and like to harass women with provocative language, and find pleasure in indecent and disrespect towards women.

This kind of person is also usually a playboy in life, with a high self-evaluation, which can be said to be self-inflated. Moreover, this kind of person has a strong desire for control. In order to control the other party, he can use any means to deviate from the social norm. He can do things like jumping downstairs and kneeling; he can also do things like pinching his neck and coercion.