September 30, 2022

What does the head in the dream mean?

What does the head in the dream mean?. In dreams, these have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the dreamer’s subjective imagination.

In the dream, my head is big, which is a sign of improvement.

In the dream, someone waved a sword and tried to chop off his head. This was to remind himself and his family to be careful in words and deeds.

Hold your head with your hands in your dreams

If you wash your hair in your dream, your sorrow will pass.

I use a mirror to look at my head in my dream. This is auspiciousness and I want to be promoted.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: limbs refer to action, head refers to thinking.
Psychological analysis: the head is the most important part of the human body, it controls the whole body and life. The head in the dream is a symbol of intelligence, trouble and dignity.

Case analysis of the head in the dream

【Dream Case 1】
In my dream, I seemed to have just woke up from my sleep, and then I opened the quilt, and the sun shined on my face through the window glass. A mirror on the wall, inadvertently, suddenly noticed that his head became much bigger, as big as a big washbasin, and he was awakened. (Female, 26 years old)

Dream analysis: Your head has grown a lot in your dream, which shows that you have enough confidence in your own confidence and perseverance. That being the case, what you do these days will be very smooth, especially with regard to numbers, because this requires head to calculate.

If someone in the dream is swinging a sword and trying to chop off their head, it is a reminder to be careful when crossing the road with your family. Eat animal meat with chopped heads in your dreams to make a fortune. I used a mirror to look at my head in my dream, it was Xiangrui, and I might be an official.

[Dream Case 2]
I seldom dream recently, even if I do it, I wake up and look at it. As a result, I had two consecutive dreams in the last half month. These two dreams are next to each other for about half a month. And I didn’t count it with Ben when I finished the first one. But last night I had that dream again and it was scary. My friend and I were crazy and suddenly threw their heads off. Then I picked up my head and put it on again. It’s just that the gaps are very uniform. The dream is very real. I still remember the neck feeling tingling. The first thing I woke up this morning was to touch my neck!! It scared me to death.

Dream analysis: limbs refer to action, head refers to thinking. If your head falls off, it means that you have encountered a problem that makes you very troublesome, which makes you unable to touch your head for a while, but then you put it on your own to show that the problem was finally solved by you.