September 30, 2022

Psychoanalysis of the virgin complex and the way of relief

Many Chinese men are troubled by the virgin complex. They usually meet a girl they love very much, but the other person is not a virgin, and they want to be together, but they cannot cross their virgin complex, or they cannot find themselves because of the virgin complex. The other half wait. How to get rid of the virgin complex? Let’s analyze the virgin complex from the perspective of psychology.

First of all, if you have a virgin complex, you don’t necessarily need to see a psychologist, especially those who are not involved in psychological distress, and who are socially adapted and mentally healthy.

Next, I will focus on a question: Whether there is a virgin complex or not is the influence of culture.

If there are two very different cultures:

The first culture: a boy, when he is born, his parents have a virgin complex, and education is also to teach the virgin complex is good! And books, movies and TV dramas always talk about the virgin complex, then after this male is born, we can Did he say that he never had the concept of “virgin complex”? Then I saw that all the people on the Internet were always talking about how normal the virgin complex was, how good it is to have a virgin complex, and how bad it is to have a virgin complex. , Even worse than killing and arson, and even more perverted than perverts, all bad things in the world are concentrated on them.

If boys grow up in such an environment, I believe that every normal boy may have a virgin complex.

The second culture: On the contrary, if a boy is born, no one has mentioned the virgin complex, and he has never heard of the virgin complex, or the name “virgin complex” has never been Created in that living culture! On the contrary, everyone in the culture said that it is normal for girls to have sex before marriage, and it is necessary to have a few more sexual experiences to be more mature. Or the cultural atmosphere in which the parents are born, or all the people around them all tell people that every young girl must be “religious” by some religious person in order to be clean.

In this culture, boys will not have a virgin complex.

The people with the virgin complex that I have come into contact with so far all grew up in the first cultural environment, or an environment similar to the first culture.

Therefore, the virgin complex is the influence of culture. There is no virgin complex, but also cultural influence.

The human association of what the so-called hymen represents is the influence of culture.

If you grew up in the second cultural environment, I would follow the ad slogan made by the “HP” brand when the “Lenovo” brand was booming: Do you want to have a virgin complex? You don’t even need to think about it. miss you!

Another example:

If the virgin complex is biological, how many animals have we ever seen to mate-mating, we must first verify whether the other party is “at the time”?

If the virgin complex is rooted in male genes, have we ever heard of a baby boy crying like this: I will marry a virgin in the future! Wow! Wow! I will marry a virgin in the future! Wow! Wow! I will marry a virgin in the future! Wow! Wow…

The answer is: no.

The fact is: Today, many people are still suffering from the pain caused by the “virgin complex”, whether they are boys or girls…

So I want to extend my friendly hand through some factual discussions, hoping to help these friends, get spiritual relief, and gain spiritual peace and freedom.

Demystifying the causes and solutions of the virgin complex:

The so-called “solution to the virgin complex” may not need a big solution at all.

I hope that some of my friends know that the virgin complex that has been plagued you was instilled in you by others, or you have been watching other people’s extreme comments. The influence of these comments and the self-reinforcing of self-suggestion make it more “knot”. The deeper, when you find your free self, perhaps you will find: In fact, the world is beautiful and beautiful…The air is so clear, so clear…

1. Reason for the trouble: imagine that the sperm stays in the woman’s body! So the virgin complex lingers!

In fact, as long as you are not pregnant, the sperm will die soon! Many psychologists, psychological counselors, and psychiatric psychologists do not know that many help seekers have this kind of imagination! It is because the seekers are not ashamed to say, and many psychologists Doctors are not “ashamed” on the topic of communication, some only say: “Impossible! Impossible!” When they know it, these psychologists have been and have been unable to solve the virgin complex!

Solution: Imagination therapy (to cure the person’s body in the way of the person)-Whenever there is the above imagination, then imagine: After the woman’s excretion, the excretion is clean!

2. Reasons for trouble: the more you think, the more you look, the more annoying!

Solution: Shift your attention directly to other things! The best way to make your mind worry-free is to think directly about happy things!

3. Reasons for trouble: I always can’t divert my attention! I always think! I always want to read the content on the Internet!

Solution: You may have obsessive-compulsive symptoms. You can find a professional psychologist who has more successful psychological counseling experience in this area. Solving your obsessive-compulsive symptoms can help you solve the troubles of the virgin complex. For severe obsessive-compulsive disorders, you can go to psychiatric psychology. The doctor and the psychological counseling counselor cooperate to solve the problem.

4. Reasons for trouble: think that women will always love the so-called “first man” and have the deepest memory?

Solution: objective analysis-this is inconsistent with the real female psychology. Have you ever heard of “women are fickle”? Even many women say that. Nobita believes that the deepest memory of a woman is the one she loves most now, and some of them will even become her children in a long time. This can explain why your great mother loved you so deeply.

What is the way to a man’s heart? Perhaps for a mature man, a woman’s heart is the most accessible to his heart. In the same way, the best path to the heart of a mature woman may only be the heart of a man!

5. Reasons for trouble: cognitive errors.

Solution: Understanding and Understanding Therapy-Read and understand the above content!

6. Reasons for trouble: use “virgin complex” to escape reality.

For example, some people are unemployed in reality, cannot find a suitable job, have been unable to get a promotion opportunity, or feel that they are inferior to others, or feel that their ideals cannot be realized… so they regard themselves as a virgin complex. This kind of excuse (because I feel that my cultural environment, or my own cultural environment allows it)! This kind of excuse can be used to face others, or it can be used to face oneself. The virgin complex became a kind of “rationalized” reason for “why did I fail”: because the person I love the most is not a virgin, so I was decadent! That’s why I became what I am today!! I’m right!

Solution: Face the reality and bear the responsibility! Challenge yourself and overcome the setbacks in reality! Tell yourself that challenging setbacks makes me grow and improve my ability! At the same time, Nobita “cruelly” tells you that you really want to succeed People will not allow themselves to be defeated by the virgin complex!

7. Reasons for trouble: too possessive; or too much pursuit of perfection.

Solution: There is no absolutely perfect thing in the world. Excessive possessiveness is sometimes a psychological problem. You can find a counselor to help solve it.

8. Other reasons.

Paranoid personality disorder, obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder and other related symptoms can also be seen. In this regard, it is necessary to have sufficient confidence and patience, and actively seek professional assistance to adjust and improve. If you have other troubles, please leave a message and we will discuss and solve it later.

Conclusion: There is a virgin complex, and it is not necessary to see a psychologist, especially those who are not involved in psychological distress, socially adapted to normal, and mentally healthy people.