September 30, 2022

Fetishism is a distortion of sexual preference, how to prevent it?

A woman reported to the police that she saw a strange man stealing women’s underwear outside in a certain community. After the first one succeeded in stealing, the man did not leave immediately, but did not rush to steal the second and third houses. Women’s underwear drying in the sun. After the police captured the man, they found more than 500 pieces of female underwear from the garage of his private car, which was jaw-dropping.

Doubts: Fetishes are in trouble

It is understood that the man is an employee of a certain unit and holds certain positions, and his education is not low. On the surface, he has the same life as an ordinary person, even more glamorous than ordinary people. According to the man’s self-report, he did not know what caused him to do such a ridiculous thing. When he saw women’s underwear, he had the urge to take it for himself. Although he didn’t want to do it in his heart, he couldn’t control himself. From a medical point of view, the man suffers from a very typical “fetishism”.

Fetishism is a kind of inverted sexual desire, which refers to a kind of sexual phenomenon that is driven by strong sexual desire and sexual excitement, repeatedly collecting objects used by the opposite sex to obtain sexual excitement and sexual satisfaction.

The mental illness classification scheme proposes that the diagnostic criteria for fetishism are:

First, driven by strong desire and excitement, repeatedly collect objects used by the opposite sex. The thing you love is a very important source of sexual stimulation;

Second, it has lasted for at least 6 months. Experts in addiction medicine clearly pointed out that sexual preference disorders such as fetishism are addictive psychological diseases, which are a type of impulse control disorder, and have nothing to do with moral level and willpower.

Fetishism usually begins in adolescence and is more common in men. This behavior will cause patients to use illegal means such as stealing and robbery to obtain objects of the opposite sex. Fetishists have no interest in the opposite sex itself or the sex organs of the opposite sex, and focus their interest on women’s underwear, underwear, bras, headscarves or the opposite sex’s hair, hands, feet, buttocks and other parts to replace normal sexual activities to arouse Sexual excitement and sexual satisfaction. They often arouse sexual excitement by touching, playing with, sucking, biting, etc., and masturbate to obtain sexual satisfaction.

Fetishism is a kind of sexual preference disorder. The causes of this type of disease are very complex, and are mostly related to personal growth experience, family, pressure, improper sex education, etc. Fetish patients are very complex and contradictory before and after stealing fetishes. Before they can succeed, they often feel anxious, nervous and uneasy. Once they succeed, although their sexual psychology is satisfied, they often hate their own behavior. Psychological conflicts such as self-blame, regret, pain, and low self-esteem arise. Therefore, patients often have the heart to change, but do not change.

harm: poor social perception

Since fetishism has not attracted people’s attention, it is often regarded as a bad hobby and moral corruption. As everyone knows, as a sexual psychological disorder, if it cannot be treated, it may cause bad social cognition, which will have a great impact on the lives of patients and their families.

On the one hand, many of the patients’ behaviors, such as stealing women’s underwear, underwear and other items, suddenly revealing their penis in front of women, and peeping at women in bathing, etc. also bring a lot of psychological pressure to the patient, and seriously affect the reputation after being discovered by others. And work, and some people even went to ruin because they could not bear the huge social pressure after being discovered.

On the other hand, this type of disease is often accompanied by excessive masturbation and affects physical health. The accompanying personality defect affects the normal interaction with the opposite sex, often affecting the quality of normal sex, and even being disinterested in normal sex, leading to misfortune in marriage, and even affecting To the offspring, it may cause similar problems in the offspring.

000 treatment: professional system treatment

Fetishism is a manifestation of naive sexual psychology and a kind of sexual psychological disorder that can be corrected. After professional systemic treatment, the prognosis is generally good. And the younger the age, the less difficult it is to correct.

According to domestic and foreign research and clinical practice experience, domestic addiction medicine expert He Rihui proposed that the best treatment for fetish addiction is a comprehensive treatment method. That is, taking drugs (non-antipsychotics) to control abnormal sexual impulses and improve mood, as the basis of treatment, and after controlling abnormal sexual impulses, psychological treatment, family therapy, behavior modification, etc. are adopted, and when necessary, closed-type management.

prevention: take five measures

Although it is still impossible to find the exact cause of “fetishism” in medicine, it is not difficult to find through clinical case analysis that the formation of “fetishism” is inextricably related to its growth experience. Therefore, As a parent, you should learn how to prevent “fetishism” in children. In this regard, I have the following suggestions:

1. Deal with the transformation of Oedipus complex: The prevention and treatment of sexual preference disorders such as fetishism should start with children, especially the transformation of children’s Oedipus complex at the age of 3-5. On the one hand, mothers should not spoil the boy too much, and strengthen the recognition of the father’s good qualities in front of the child. Otherwise, if the child is over-spoiled and accused the child of the father’s not in front of the child, it will hinder the boy from turning his attachment to the mother into his identification with the father.

2. Avoid bad sexual stimulation: mothers should not sleep with the boy after the age of 3, don’t wear underwear in front of the child, don’t play with the boy’s sexual organs, and avoid letting the child see the sex life of couples.

3. Timely and correct sex education: At different ages, children should be given timely and correct sex education according to their psychological characteristics, to guide them to correctly understand the physical and psychological differences between the sexes, and to eliminate the excessive mystery of the opposite sex. Do not blindly suppress the goodwill or admiration of the opposite sex or even puppies, but should be guided reasonably.

4. Cultivate children’s good character: We must attach great importance to the influence of family environment on children’s personality. Encourage children to actively participate in group activities and cultivate good personality traits, such as cheerful and generous, brave and confident.

5. Relieve children’s stress: In addition to caring about their children’s physical health and academic work, parents should also pay attention to their children’s mental health, form a close parent-child relationship, and learn to help children reduce various stresses.