October 07, 2022

How to grasp the interviewer’s psychology?

Every year, graduates are faced with job hunting. How can graduates grasp the psychology of interviewers? What should I pay attention to during the interview?

How to grasp the interviewer’s psychology

Pay attention to the first impression: The first impression is actually very important. Don’t behave as usual, careless, out of preparation and self-righteous. This attitude will make you lose your job.

Dominant psychology: The interviewer is in the lead, and the psychology produced is condescending. Candidates should face it with neither humble nor arrogant attitude, and give full play to their talents.

Stereotyped psychology: Interviewers have formed a fixed mindset for a long time. When evaluating candidates, they rarely pay attention to the actual performance of candidates and unconsciously compare candidates with certain types of people in their own impressions. , Make the interviewer’s subjective judgment and reduce the objectivity of the interview evaluation. The job seeker needs to grasp the interviewer’s psychological stereotype in a short time, be able to adapt to changes, and the interviewer will be satisfied with you.

Tendency to overpower the guests: At that time, the light will not let the candidates express themselves as much as possible, they will be self-centered, so you must be patient and not rush to talk, even though you can’t listen, you still have to behave and be very interested When listening, learn to listen and be a good listener.

What to pay attention to during the interview

In fact, the role of interviews in recruitment has become more and more important. Now almost every slightly better job will be obtained through interviews. In fact, interviews are also a psychological contest between both parties. As applicants, we must understand the interview. The psychological characteristics of an official can be passive to active.

Interviews are something that everyone in the workplace will go through. The importance of interviews. Everyone who is looking for a job should know that a good interview will bring you a good job opportunity. The success and failure of the interview will become equal. Is important, what should I pay attention to during the interview?

First of all, after being notified of the interview, someone will give you a time. The applicant must be in front of the time they give you. Not too early, but you must not be late. If there is a delay, you must call them in advance. Explain that the situation is the respect of the employer.

Second, when the examiner appears, don’t be too nervous, smile naturally, and look at him. If he proactively stretches out your hand for a handshake, face it naturally. Don’t be stunned or unaware that it embarrass the examiner. It’s a taboo for interviews!

Third, you must grasp the details of the interview process. The interviewer asks you not to sit down casually before you take a seat. This will give others a arrogant look. Allow to sit down and be natural! Answer the interviewer’s questions calmly and naturally.