October 05, 2022

Tips to relieve depressed emotions

Wake up every morning and think of starting a new stressful life, maybe many people are not in a good mood early in the morning. If you are often brainwashed by such negative emotions, then these depressed emotions can not be dispelled, it will form a huge pressure, for a long time, it will affect your work and life.

1. Short list

When I was in college, I didn’t accomplish much in a week. Then for a while I used a list of overloaded things to do. This puts a lot of pressure on me, and I often procrastinate for a long time. Now, my goal is to do two to three of the most important things every day.

2. Do one thing at a time

I find that if I try to do multiple tasks at the same time, I am often stressed and unable to concentrate. So I try to do only one thing in a day, and then do the best I can.

3. Avoid gray space

What is gray space? For example, when you call home from work or will bring stress from home to work. Sometimes this may not be avoided, but to develop a habit, these things can really increase the pressure and make things worse.

I try to avoid gray space as much as possible, and make some very strict rules when I work or not. I work from home, so these rules are crucial. So I:

No work after 7pm.

Does not work on weekends.

Rest almost every hour.

Making these strict rules can keep me from getting lost in the gray space, staying in the present moment and not creating work pressure when I am not working.

4. Stay in place

This is related to the last hint. Work when you work. When you are staying with friends, family, or partners, blend in with them wholeheartedly (don’t think about others in your mind or your mind is still running).

Focusing on where you are, and focusing on what you are doing right now, this is the best coup I have learned.

As long as you have come, you will be at peace. Focusing on this moment will bring many vivid details, joy and inner peace. This makes life full of joy at this moment.

Single task is a method I dig deeper. Another method I often use is to focus on what is before me for a few minutes. I use all my senses to understand the world around me, and then connect with the present and get out of my world of thought. It only takes a short while. (This does not mean that I have to think about some past or future situations) Sometimes I take a few deep breaths, focus on my breath, and reconnect with the present.

5. Shaping the environment

I find that I work best in a quiet environment. This means that I turn off my mobile phone, instant text messages, sit alone, and rarely go online. Try it, or make some changes based on your own situation, and see if this can help you reduce your daily stress.

6. Arrive early

I am very punctual. It’s not because I am stuck with these things. It’s because I want to avoid the pressure of going out. I want to make my time out easier. So I have to make sure that I have time to prepare, like when going out to eat or go to a party. I promise to arrive at the meeting 5 to 10 minutes early. This is a simple matter for reducing the stress on the mind and body.

7. It’s okay if you can’t finish it

I tend to do the most important two to three things in my list of things every day. But life is life, and sometimes it is disturbed. This is reality.

Then someone may be upset or angry. But the sky will not fall, and it doesn’t matter in the long run. So don’t blame yourself and cause too much psychological pressure. For these things alone, life is too short. There is tomorrow, you can finish it then and then replace it.

Get rid of depressed emotions and learn to release stress. This can give you more flexibility. If you can learn and make small plans and complete them smoothly, you can boost your confidence and start new life challenges. Over time, Will bring positive psychological hints, and the more life the better.