October 07, 2022

Four ways to adjust work pressure

How to relieve and adjust work pressure? I believe this is something that many office workers want to understand, so how to adjust to the pressure of work? What makes you stressed out?

How to adjust work pressure

1. Actively find the reasons and understand the pressure

The pressure at work also comes from different aspects. First of all, we must learn to distinguish clearly whether it is due to excessive workload, difficult work, or excessive self-demand. If it is an objective factor, then we can adjust the work to a certain extent by arranging work plans and tasks reasonably. If it is a personal factor, it is mainly the adjustment of self-knowledge.

2. Separate work and life

If you can, please separate work and life as much as possible, not just don’t take your work home to do it, at the same time, after you get off work, please put aside the work and don’t think about it anymore. Work troubles, even if you continue to worry after get off work, you may not find a solution, but at the same time it will affect the quality of life. Enjoy life to the fullest when it’s time to enjoy life.

3. Properly express and vent

There is a limit to people’s stress. If you let the pressure accumulate and do not deal with it, it is like continuously inflating a balloon, it will burst one day. The same is true for people. When the pressure accumulates to a certain level, it should be released appropriately so that you can catch your breath. You can find someone to talk about your troubles at work, you can sing or exercise to vent. The exhaustion of physical strength and the feeling of sweating will make you feel a lot easier.

4. Divert attention and leave for a while

When you are facing a certain job and feel very stressful, have been struggling for a long time and have not made any progress at all, feel annoying and irritable, and want to get angry, it is better to leave your job temporarily. You can go for a cup of coffee or go for a walk. Make a lap, or find someone to chat and joke, and temporarily leave that annoying work behind. When the irritability is gone, you feel better. Then prepare again and return to your work position. Diverting attention is a good way to regulate emotions and mood. It is very useful in daily work and life, as long as you discover and experience with your heart.

Causes of work stress

1. Working hours are too long or inflexible. There are many positions in real life. Due to their particularity, employees have to work for a long time and often work overtime. Due to long hours of work, people become bored and start I hate work, and work pressure also arises.

2. Too much or too little work responsibilities, entrust employees with certain responsibilities, employees will feel that they are valued, but too many responsibilities will cause certain pressure to employees, reasonable arrangement of responsibilities has become an issue that an organization should consider .

3. The work content is single and lack of interest. Many companies have unreasonable job design. They don’t pay attention to the enrichment of employees’ work. They only pay attention to work performance. They don’t know that over time, work efficiency decreases and employees lose interest in work.

4. Work and life are not balanced. In today’s society, people’s work pace is fast. Many people give up leisure and entertainment for work. There are many things in life that are too late to deal with. In this way, there are contradictions between work and life. There are many people. All distressed. Tension with colleagues.