October 07, 2022

Workplace stress relief methods

With the rapid development of society, the pressure on the workplace is increasing. Then you know what to do to effectively decompress and face life happily.

1. Evaluate yourself correctly

Always keep a calm mind, don’t get over with yourself, set your goals unattainable, do everything you can, and adjust your goals at any time may not be the behavior of the weak.

2. Be mentally prepared

It is necessary to fully realize that the high efficiency of modern society will inevitably bring high competition and high challenges, and be psychologically prepared for certain negative effects arising from this, so as not to temporarily panic and increase pressure. At the same time, the mentality should remain normal, optimistic and open-minded, and not worry about adversity.

3. Enrich personal amateur life

The development of personal hobbies and interest in life often makes people feel comfortable. Painting, calligraphy, chess, sports, entertainment, etc. can add a lot of joy in life, adjust the rhythm of life, get rid of the monotonous and tense atmosphere, and move towards joy and relaxation.

4. Watering plants

Water the plants when you are troubled. Studies have shown that exposure to the plant world for 10 seconds can produce tremendous psychological relaxation.

5. Play with plasticine

Use plasticine to make something that symbolizes “failure” and then throw it away. This action can help people get out of the shadow of failure in the past, grasp the present, and look to the future.

6. Smile quietly for 2 seconds before speaking

Afraid of speaking? Look at the audience with a smile and stay quiet for 2 seconds, which can slow down and make the audience more comfortable and relieve tension.

7. Ensure adequate sleep

Don’t offend the laws of nature, or you will suffer revenge from the laws of nature.

8. Pay attention to cultivating a good attitude

Strengthen psychological training and develop the habit of psychological analysis. Consider making friends with psychologists, hoping to get their help frequently.

9. Arrange work and rest time

Strictly implement the work and rest system established by yourself, so that life, study, and work can be carried out regularly.