September 30, 2022

Five truths about a man cheating

Is it true that a man cheats because he doesn’t love his wife? This is not necessarily the best answer, let’s look at the five truthful words of the railing man.

“Most of my attractiveness is created by my wife.”

The charm of a mature man in them has been in the appreciation of his wife, which breeds pride and self-confidence. His eyes are peaceful and warm because of his wife’s tenderness. He has learned how to express feelings through his wife’s teaching…

He wouldn’t go to a place that’s unsafe and unaffordable. To find a woman who is safe and does not spend money, he only needs to wear a “love” coat, and the rich emotional world will be enriched and sexual. The problem was solved easily.

“Actually, even if I don’t meet you, I will fall in love with other women at first sight.”

This kind of man may hate his unhappy marriage, or he may not hate it. This seems to have nothing to do with expressing “love” to you. He would say to this woman: I love two women the most in my life, one is you and the other is my mother.

It’s not that he has no feelings for this woman. He always thinks of her, and he will buy something slightly cheaper than a gift for his wife when he is away on business. At home, I am often really absent from my wife because of you. This is exactly what he wants. He hopes to have the passion of the young love season and the colorful life in his stable life.

Sometimes, when I am passionate, I will even have the idea of ​​marrying you, but afterwards I will sensibly reject my not-so-strong soul. Smart women will find that there are fewer and fewer stupid men who divorce whenever they have an affair.

“I fall in love with a woman other than my wife, not necessarily because of unhappy marriage or too much love for this affair woman.”

When a man expresses love outside marriage, he only wants to possess this woman in his heart. He will not naively think of marrying her, he thinks his wife is good. When a woman expresses love, the scene of two people standing in a church in a wedding dress often flashes in their minds. This very different mentality constitutes a huge psychological difference between men and women in extramarital affairs.

After a man has experienced a fresh period of marriage (about two years), he began to dream about the chance of derailment in his heart. But for him, family is a very safe, fit and casual underwear.

He struggled to find what he called noble love in the vast sea of ​​people, but in his bones were scenes of yellow episodes.

He has a wife who is very satisfied with him and trusts him, and this trust spurs him to speed up the pace to find a confidant. He can’t say that he has no love for his wife. He even has a heavier sense of responsibility for the family. He will devote a lot of hard work to the growth of the child. He will be in front of his family and outsiders because of his wife’s sudden illness one day. He is a good husband and good man.

“I just want to fall in love with you. I am happy and afraid of the idea of ​​an extramarital woman who wants to marry me.”

You want to marry him. The man is proud that this woman really loves him, but he is afraid that he will be entangled by the woman without complaint. The end of this kind of relationship mostly started from the moment the woman asked him for a divorce, and she wanted to marry him.

However, the affair man did not want to leave her soon, so he adopted a circuitous tactic. So, just like that man promised to “divorce his wife in 2005” to marry Xiaoqing, the promise was born. Until the woman can’t stand it anymore, she swears to leave him in spite of the anger. The problem is that most women don’t want to admit that they love the wrong person. When a man’s gentle words add a few drops of crocodile tears, the woman easily forgets the previous scar. This way, men suffer from panic disorder and women suffer from panic disorder. He is suffering from the insanity that he does not marry.

“I have repeatedly made excuses not to divorce and I am desperately in love with my lover, but in my heart I have no intention of marrying her.”

He doesn’t want to have a marriage with you, he will find an excuse to break up with you. At this time, he already regrets the development of the relationship with you too deep, making himself exhausted. What he considers at this time is what way to end with you. It is best if you can’t wait to leave. Maybe you still feel sorry for him. No matter what, you must not affect his career and family.

On the night when you write your farewell letter and prepare to leave, he will kneel in front of you, crying with muddy tears, saying that his heart is broken, and he will cherish you in the deepest part of my heart, in every night when music is played. , He would almost die of cramps sadly.