September 30, 2022

5 sweet words that a man can’t resist

Everyone likes to listen to sweet words, especially couples who are in deep love. Men like to hear a lot of love words, so which ones do you like the most?

Sentence 1: Firm with a sense of commitment
Reasons for being on the list: reality, stability, and sense of belonging

Men always mistakenly think that the more nasty, the more women will like it, so there are a lot of unstoppable sentences in the phone. Maybe they can’t see the woman’s eyes roll when receiving these text messages, so they will take the numbness for fun , And upgraded to a talk of experience taught to each other in the men circle. In fact, the occasional numbness may be fortunate to get a woman’s knowing smile, but it is the sentences that are not fancy, firm and promise that can make her tears fill her eyelashes. Many women admit that when they receive love words from their boyfriends or husbands on their phones, they are reluctant to delete them.

Sentence 2: You are so humorous

Reasons for the list: relaxed atmosphere, ridicule, focus

Humor is a magic weapon to focus on the relationship between women. Men with a sense of humor are always popular in women’s circles. Many men are troubled by their lack of humor, and there are also many who have worked hard with a sense of humor but have not been able to enter the door. The man who always used funny jokes and untimely ridicule caused the cold. As long as he is not a clown who talks silly or sensationalizes, praise him for his sense of humor is definitely more important than praise him for being handsome and generous. After being praised as humorous and funny, men will try to keep their name. You just wait to see how he changes to make you fun.

Sentence 3: Miss you.

Reasons for being on the list: simple and clear, heartbeat

It’s simple, but the effect is extraordinary. The index that makes a woman blush and heartbeat will never lose to the straightforward and hypocritical “I love you”. It does not appear to be deliberately pretentious, but also has a kind of soft and influential power. Men don’t like to talk about “love” often, but they won’t refuse such a simple and concise word that can flood women with tenderness. Moreover, this word is also quite easy, even if there are only two or three in a text message or a phone call. Words, women’s eyes will also be soft instantly.

Sentence 4: You are so smart and capable; you can do everything

Reasons for the list: encouragement, appreciation, chivalry

Regardless of whether there is real material or not, men are more or less chivalrous, and like to show “unknowledge” unexpectedly in front of women. Women also wish that the man in the family is both a computer expert and a plumber. Electrical maintenance, and men who are busy with sweat in their eyes at this time also have a different sexy charm. In fact, a lot of compliments are nonsense, who doesn’t know how much you are-but often such nonsense will become a stimulant for men. Such praise is a kind of motivation and recognition, and no man dislikes.

Sentence 5: Being with you is really interesting.

Reasons for the list: simple, sincere, endless aftertaste

Sometimes, nerve-wracking men foolishly think that what is pleasant to hear is equivalent to complimenting a woman’s beauty and good figure. They don’t know that when flattering can also be kicked to death by a horse, what they want is not just a prevarication after a perfunctory laugh. Some sweet words can be recalled, and they reflect sincerity than “you are important to me, I will die without you”, “because of you, I know the world is so beautiful” and such words are unconvincing and empty and abstract in content. I don’t know how much the sentence is higher.