October 07, 2022

What does the umbilical cord mean in the dream?

What does the umbilical cord mean in a dream?. In dreams, these have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the dreamer’s subjective imagination.

The umbilical cord in your dream is a manifestation of your character’s adventurous temperament, or an expression of sex.

Dreaming of your own umbilical cord means that you are looking forward to new adventures in your heart.

The umbilical cord of others in your dream indicates that you will have new love.

Psychological dream interpretation
Dream interpretation: Many people have emotional concerns with other people in their lives. The umbilical cord that appears in the dream expresses this meaning. You may not try to satisfy your emotional or material needs like an adult.

Psychological analysis: The umbilical cord represents dedication or the connection between mother and child. Young people in the growth stage often dream about the umbilical cord being cut.

Spiritual symbol: From a spiritual perspective, the umbilical cord in your dream symbolizes your connection with the world.

Case analysis of the umbilical cord in the dream

【Dream Case 1】
In my dream, I had a stomachache in my boyfriend’s bed and I was about to give birth. I told him to go to another room and call his mother, but my baby was born before her mother came, and I saw the umbilical cord. The baby was purple. I don’t know how to break the umbilical cord. The child didn’t move. I don’t know if he survived later. It seems that he did not survive. What do you mean? (I am a female, unmarried)

Dream analysis: having a child means “happiness”. In the dream, having a boyfriend in bed indicates that the happy event is related to your boyfriend, and having an umbilical cord indicates that the happy event is connected to you, and you can’t run away. It will definitely appear, so keep going. The child did not live to explain that the happy event was not grasped properly when it came, which led to the disappearance of the happy event. It is recommended that you pay more attention to some small details around your boyfriend in recent days to grasp this happy event.

[Dream Case 2]
I used to dream of having children, but it was mainly because other people had children. I wanted to help, but I was afraid that something might happen. A few days ago, I dreamed of having a baby by myself. In the hospital, a woman next to her gave birth to a child. They pressed her hard on her stomach. The child was born anyway. I thought to myself, thanks to the fact that this woman had no dystocia, otherwise it would be dangerous to press blindly like them. It seems that people never do prenatal check-ups here, and they do it all the time when they are in labor. Then they came to press on my stomach again. I felt severe pain and felt that there was a problem. It would be dangerous to press again like this. I blatantly blamed them for not giving me a check-up. The people I and my companion (husband? Mom? I can’t remember) asked to get me checked. They pushed me into a room and ignored me. While waiting, the child showed his head. They came to help me, but they didn’t understand. I was afraid that the child would be sprained or the umbilical cord was entangled. Fortunately, the child was untied, but the umbilical cord was still pulled off, but I didn’t feel it. A lot of blood, just worry about whether there will be a hole in the belly button and whether it will be infected. I was worried that the placenta would be pulled down, so I would return to uterine bleeding, but the placenta was not pulled down. No pain was felt during the entire production process. Boys and girls don’t know. It does not seem to pay attention to this issue.

Female, middle-aged, college child. Prepare for research. I am sorting out my life and quality, and I am a little helpless and tired, and I can only encourage myself.

Dream analysis: The umbilical cord is the passage of the mother-child (female) conjoined body and a symbol of the connection between flesh and blood. The umbilical cord is broken, symbolizing the separation of mother and child (female). This is a painful process for those mothers who are too entangled with their children (I am afraid that the child will be twisted or the umbilical cord will be entangled), and are very unwilling to be separated from the child deep down, so they will blame the outside world Stress (pressing blindly like them is dangerous), blaming others for not taking into account their own feelings (pressing hard without checking the mother), it feels a bit like tearing the intestines. But during the whole birth process, I didn’t feel any pain or a lot of blood. I was just worried about whether there would be a hole in the belly button or infection, indicating that there were not many scars. Basically, the separation from the child was smooth, but the mother was still worried about the separation. There will be a sense of emptiness and trauma in my heart (worry about whether there will be a hole in the belly button and whether it will be infected).

I was worried that the placenta would be pulled down, so I would return to uterine bleeding. Fortunately, the placenta has not been pulled down. Both the uterus and placenta symbolize maternal nourishment. These organs have not been pulled down, which symbolizes that my motherhood is still there and not in This kind of mother-child separation loses one’s own motherhood-this proves that this mother still has internal resources and strength. So please believe in yourself.

In addition, then return to the uterine bleeding. The return here is a clerical error. If yes, it shows that the mother subconsciously hopes that the child or herself can return to the womb. However, this kind of thing will never be possible. Otherwise, it is really going to be bleeding-this is catastrophic for mother and child. This may require the dreamer to be alert.