October 07, 2022

What do the genitals in the dream mean?

What do the genitals in the dream mean?. In dreams, these have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the dreamer’s subjective imagination.

Generally speaking, the genitals in dreams may indicate suppressed sexual desire.

In addition, the genitals in a man’s dream may also symbolize male power, implying rights, vitality, etc.

The enlargement or reduction of the genitalia in the dream may indicate an increase or decrease in power, strength or vitality.

The sexual organ disease in the dream usually implies that the private life is not properly, but the sexual life is excessive. But if the genitals hurt in the dream, it is likely to indicate that you are really sick, and it is best to go to the hospital for examination.

In the dream, he exposes his genitals to others, expressing sexual hunger and thirst.

The genital mutilation in the dream, on the one hand, may imply a serious fear of losing power, sexual ability, or vitality. On the other hand, it may also imply that the children or themselves will be harmed, or even that the son will have an accident.

At the same time, according to the traditional dream interpretation view, the testicles also imply the children. If the testicles are diseased in the dream, it may indicate that the children will encounter accidents.

If there are no testicles in the dream or the testicles are cut off, it may indicate the absence of children or the loss of children.

Dreaming of having two or more genitals in the dream may also imply that people are prosperous and their heirs are strong.

The genitals in a woman’s dream may also imply menstruation and hope to get pregnant.

The castration of men in women’s dreams reflects the latent potential in their hearts to override and conquer each other.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: If your genitals are involved in the dream, it is usually directly connected with your own sexual desire. Your genitals are cut off or disabled in your dreams, which may mean that you have been abused before or now.

Psychoanalysis: If someone else’s genitals play an important role in the dream, it often indicates a sexual relationship with that person. If a woman dreams of a man’s genitals, or on the contrary, a man dreams of a woman’s genitals, expressing that he asks you to care about and study the situation of the other person, he expresses his own premonition or animality here.

Spiritual symbol: You understand the spiritual needs in your body.

Case analysis of genitals in dreams

【Dream Case 1】

I had a terrible dream last night. In the dream, my glans was broken and there was a little skin attached. Then I went to the hospital for surgery~ There are women in the hospital, and the doctors performed the surgery for me. They all watched.

This dream reflects the most serious fear of men. This kind of dream not only implies sexual ability, but also implies the overall perception of power and vitality. When women castrate men in their dreams, they obviously have a fierce desire to conquer each other.

[Dream Case 2]

I dreamed that I had a fight with my husband and then my lover came to coax me and asked me to touch his genitals. I was afraid that my husband would let him go. After he left, I found that half of his genitals were in my hands. My lover has not contacted me for almost a month. We are in the cold war, can this be a breakup?

Dream analysis: If the genitals are involved in the dream, it is usually directly connected with one’s own sexual desire. If the dreamer’s genitals are missing or disabled in the dream, it may mean that they have been abused before or now! You need to decide whether to break up or not! But your dream implies that you still want to have sex with your lover, but There are many contradictions and contradictions in the dream, and it is said that the same is true in your heart!