October 05, 2022

What do fingers mean in dreams?

What do fingers mean in dreams?. In dreams, these have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the dreamer’s subjective imagination.

The longer fingers in the dream mean that life will be more satisfactory, business will be prosperous, and wealth will be increased. Correspondingly, if the fingers become shorter in the dream, it means that life is hard and requires hard work.

The twisted fingers in the dream means that life is built on an improper foundation, such as embezzling public funds and other shameful methods to accumulate personal wealth.

What needs to be reminded is that don’t make a mistake and become an eternal hate.
Fingers bleed in the dream, suggesting that wealth is lost from the hands, and my life has been hit hard. This is usually interpreted as accidental loss, money defrauded, and the amount is huge enough to affect existing lives. Therefore, be careful about behaviors related to money. If a finger breaks in a dream, the child of the dreamer will be entangled in disease. Pay special attention to the health of the child.

Case analysis of fingers in dreams
In my dream, I was in a strange place, like a wood processing site. There was a mess everywhere. I had a machete in my hand. For some reason, I was holding a knife and cutting my fingers… and then I was awakened. (Male, 23 years old)

Dream analysis: As the saying goes, if you see red, you are happy, and if you want a finger in your dream, you will definitely bleed a little, indicating that you may become the winner in love. If your fingers are scalded by steam in your dream, you are jealous of others. If you suddenly have a lot of fingers on your hands in your dream, it means that a distinguished guest is coming, but you should also pay attention to emotional matters and troubles.