September 30, 2022

What does the hand in the dream mean?

What does the hand in the dream mean?. In dreams, these have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the dreamer’s subjective imagination.

The hand in the dream symbolizes action, one’s own ability and career.

Shaking hands with strangers in the dream means that the dreamer can make reliable friends in his career;

If the hand is long and strong in the dream, it means that you have the ability to do things, and it indicates the success of your career.

Dreaming of strong arms indicates that you are capable at work and your career is thriving.

The smooth, white hands in the dream indicate that the dreamer is kind and caring, and will be loved and rewarded by everyone.

In the dream, one’s own hands are particularly white and fat, which means that the dreamer lives in a wealthy and comfortable life, and is pampered.

Suddenly wrinkles on your hands in your dream, don’t worry too much, it indicates that when you encounter problems, you will become more mature and calm, and be able to solve problems steadily.

Dirty hands, bruised hands, scratches or scratches in dreams indicate that you will be in trouble, get into trouble, and have a hard life.

In a woman’s dream, her hands become hard, suggesting that you have a strong personality and a strong life ability. In a man’s dream, his hands become very hard, indicating that you may complete important tasks.

The hand turns red in the dream, a good thing, it indicates that you will have official luck or wealth.

If your hands turn yellow in your dreams, it may indicate a setback in your career and imply that you have a good grasp of your career.

Dreaming that the hand becomes smaller, it indicates that you will have fortune, increase income, or encounter a big business.

Holding money in both hands in the dream indicates that you will get rich if you gather wealth.

Having your hands cut off in a dream usually means that you have lost an important friend, and it also means that you may no longer worry about making a living.

In the dream, one of your own hands is broken, indicating that you will lose friends or bear huge losses, and endure pain and suffering.

There is no left or right hand in the dream, which indicates that you will encounter difficulties but will not get help.

The multi-fingered hand in the dream indicates that there will be guests coming to the door.

My fingers grow longer in my dream, which indicates that business is booming and income will increase.

Short fingers in the dream indicate that you are in embarrassment and financial difficulties.

The particularly long fingers in the dream suggest that they are acrimonious, lack of popularity in life, and fall in love.

The twisted fingers in the dream indicate that you may profit from improper means.

The injured finger in the dream indicates that you will be in trouble.

Fingers wrapped in gauze in the dream suggest that you will get rid of the danger smoothly.

Burning your fingers in the dream indicates that you will be jealous.

Missing fingers in the dream indicates that you will encounter things you cannot control, or financial disputes.

In the dream, the fingers are cut off, suggesting that the dreamer will lose very precious things and have to endure hardships.

Cut off your own finger in the dream, indicating that you will fight in love and become a winner in the end.

If your fingers bleed in your dream, you must be vigilant, suggesting that the money you have worked so hard may be cheated away.

If you have sores on your hands or fingers in your dreams, don’t worry too much. This indicates that you will have unexpected small fortunes, and perhaps unexpected income and extra money that you can get without hard work.

A swollen hand in the dream indicates that relatives and friends around me will get unexpected benefits.

The thick hair on the hands and feet in the dream indicates that there will be twists and turns in love, and you may quarrel with your lover. Pay attention to control your words and deeds.

Washing hands in a dream, on the one hand, indicates that the expenses are large, and the money earned is spent in an instant, so there is always no money on hand. Maybe you are a typical moonlight clan. On the other hand, sometimes there are expressions of wanting to shirk responsibility.

The hands and feet are tied up in the dream, which indicates that there will be trouble in interpersonal relationships. Someone may spread rumors, or destroy your reputation, and make you passive by the enemy, making it difficult to take practical measures to deal with it.

Putting your hand on someone’s head in a dream indicates a blessing or a desire to dominate him in your heart.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: The adult body symbolizes the person’s complete image (including his character and characteristics) or conscious self in the dream. When a person is a baby waiting to be fed, his body becomes his most important source of information.

Psychoanalysis: Hands are the most prominent part of the human body. They symbolize strength and creativity. If you have obvious differences in your hands or holding different items in your hands, the dream reflects the conflict between your beliefs and emotional fluctuations.

A hand on the chest signifies submission, a handshake signifies agreement or friendship, and a fist-shaped hand signifies threat. A pair of wrinkled hands symbolizes calmness and stability. Blindfolded with hands indicates shyness or great panic.

The double cross of the wrist means restraint. Spread your hands out represents justice. Put your hands on your neck to symbolize healing or prayer. Putting your hands together means that you are not hostile or unsuspecting. Putting your hand on another person’s hand represents a commitment to one thing.

Raise your hands to express begging or surrender. The palm outwards represents blessing or praise. In the dream, you touched your head to show that there is still something to consider carefully. Washing hands in the dream represents innocence, while the ring on the hand symbolizes distress. Your own hands in your dreams are particularly big shows that you are one of the best in a hundred.

Generally speaking, the right hand of a person represents power, while the left hand symbolizes weakness and negativity. Sometimes it can also mean deception. Stretching out your hands means that you hope to get something you don’t have from others-including mental or material aspects. In addition, this action can also represent you trying to understand something beyond the scope of your ability to understand.

Case analysis of dream hands

【Dream Case 1】
In my dream, I woke up from pain and found that one of my hands was broken. At this moment, my son was holding a knife and cutting to my other hand. (Male, 34 years old)

Dream analysis: The protagonist in the dream looks to be the son who slashed his father with a knife. In fact, the real protagonist is your wife.

You may be overworked, so you really hope to get your wife’s consideration and help. Therefore, you exaggerated your fatigue and grievances in your dreams, and used the way your children want their own hands to imply how hard I was, such a mentality and emotion, that’s why you used the image of a child to kill a father to euphemistically show your wife Express your grievances and fatigue.

[Dream Case 2]
I usually like to read books about palmistry, and sometimes I like to let others show me palmistry. That time, in my dream, I asked my classmates to help me see palmistry. The classmate looked at my hand and said: Generally speaking, your hand is long and strong, and you will have good luck in the future. (Female, 20 years old)

Dream analysis: freely moving hands, foreshadowing something. If you have long and strong hands in your dream, it means your career will be successful. In the dream, your hands are redder than before, indicating that you will be prosperous. Dreaming of the palm of your hand indicates that you will be gifted by others.

If there is a fist in the dream, it indicates a good sign for personal life and business management.

In the dream nails, long nails indicate problems with the opposite sex, while short nails mean unexpected gifts.

The fingerprints of different shapes in dreams are a symbol of friends.