October 07, 2022

Psychoanalysis: 4 ways to overcome choice difficulties

Physiologically, a person with selection phobia is characterized by very rigid facial muscles and a very unnatural expression. From the perspective of mental health, choice phobia is a mental illness that requires certain treatment. So, what should patients do to overcome choice phobia?

1. Accept yourself to build self-confidence

Many people who are socially nervous are caused by disapproval of themselves and lack of confidence in themselves. Therefore, to change, you must first accept and accept yourself in your heart and build up confidence in yourself.

2. Don’t be too demanding of yourself

Too much pursuit of perfection and too high demands on oneself will lead to gains and losses. Too much care about other people’s views of oneself and the desire to be recognized by others will lead to losing oneself. Accept your current situation and don’t worry about what others think. The more you are afraid of making mistakes, the more you will feel at a loss.

3. Don’t pay too much attention to your physical reaction

Tension is always accompanied by a series of physical discomforts. According to reinforcement theory, if we are too concerned about the tension response of certain parts of our body when we are tense, it is equivalent to strengthening our tense behavior. Make it aggravate step by step. When we ignore our nervous reaction, the nervous reaction will gradually subside over time because the nervousness is not noticed and strengthened.

4. Face it bravely

People with nervousness tend to show avoidance in social situations, fearing that they will make a fool of themselves and not face it. In fact, avoidance does not eliminate tension. On the contrary, it will make you feel weak and make you blame yourself, which will make you more nervous next time. Moreover, it is impossible for us to escape for a lifetime. We are living in this society and we must interact with people. Sooner or later, we must all face it.

In summary, the most important thing to overcome choice phobia is to adjust your personal state. When faced with difficult choices, you must believe in yourself and make choices quickly. If you think about it for a longer period of time, the greater your inner fear will be. Regardless of whether the result of the choice is good or bad, do not have any regrets.