October 02, 2022

How to repair relationships after quarreling with friends

How to repair relationships after quarreling with friends


After falling out with your friends, when you calm down, you must think carefully about what happened between you and where the contradictions are. Is it really impossible to solve them? You need to take the initiative to find out where your problems are and don’t be stupid. You think it’s your friend’s fault. Self-examination, even if it’s him who is wrong, he will slowly realize his own problems after you admit the mistake.

Observe carefully and take the initiative to care

The more fierce the quarrel between friends, the better the relationship between the two people. After the quarrel, the two people may not be able to hold back. After calming down each other, you have to take the initiative to admit your mistakes, and take the initiative to apologize first. Care about her, understand the reason for the quarrel, give him a step, the contradiction will be resolved.

Learn to communicate

Conflicts between friends, surely the first thing is two people to communicate together, to understand why we quarrel together? Where is the contradiction? You don’t have to fall out. Of course, it’s impossible to communicate immediately after a quarrel. If you pull down, you can communicate via text messages or phone calls a day later.


The quarrel between friends must be an expression of the problem at the time. What you say may not be what you want to say in your heart. As soon as you say it, the other party is not happy. Think before you speak. If you make a mistake, correct it immediately. If you have a quarrel Ignoring anyone, this will lead to a break, is a very good friend, make an appointment to solve it well, create more opportunities, go to eat dinner, climb the mountain, play ball to retrieve the previously lost understanding.

How to deal with quarrels properly

1. First find out why the other party has such emotions.

2. It is best not to quarrel with the other party, even if it is to quarrel, wait until she finishes arguing first, then express your own thoughts in a sad mood.

3. After the quarrel, you need to maintain your own posture if you want to ease the relationship. Don’t be too low, keep a modest and calm posture. Sincere attitude.

4. After the quarrel is over, it’s best to let the other person tell their expectations for the relationship and how to solve problems afterwards. Your voice should be soft when you speak, and don’t force or grind hard.

5. If necessary, you can keep calm and dilute the problem. Don’t always worry about right and wrong, so you will never be able to deal with the problem of quarrel.

6. Don’t use the posture of an educator to discipline the other person, as that will make the other person disgusted. You should choose a way of heart-to-heart talk and let the other person say what the other person thinks.