October 02, 2022

Psychoanalysis: Why do children suddenly do not want to go to school

1. Fear. Most children do not want to go to school because they don’t know the school, especially when they see other children go to school, crying at the school gate, it is a stimulus to the child’s young mind and lays a shadow of terror, so when the child is ready to go to school Don’t let your children feel that school is scary, and slowly inculcate the advantages and temptation of going to school.

2. Shy mentality. Children are very cheerful and sunny in nature, but some timid children are more shy, shy to see strangers and dare not accept new things from the outside world. This is generally because the child’s sense of security is not enough. It shows that parents should create the environment as much as possible, cultivate children’s bold and sunny personality in a purposeful manner, encourage children a lot, and build children’s self-confidence.

3. Psychology of dependence. Children’s dependence psychology is relatively strong, so this is also the nature of children. They are afraid that they will not be able to see their parents at school and will feel insecure. Parents of such children should pay attention to cultivating their children’s ability to take care of themselves, let them learn to take care of themselves, and cultivate their independent side, but they should pay attention to the rhythm and not make the progress too fast.

4. Anxiety, children’s inner world will never be understood by adults, but if you don’t understand, you can slowly share the children’s inner heart. Children often think about things that are not understandable by our adults, so they don’t want to go to school. This may be due to children’s consideration. Many, such as academic performance, communication with teachers and classmates, etc., these are a test of the child’s young mind. Parents must pay attention to the child’s fear and anxiety, and enlighten some of the uneasy factors that children face.

5. Withdrawn personality, the child may be a quiet child by nature, and does not like crowds and liveliness. This is a kind of mental illness. Parents must take this as the top priority and cannot be ignored. This is also the early manifestation of autism, so parents should promptly carry out psychological interference once they find signs of autism, so as to encourage the child to be positive and to shape the child’s natural side. Communicate more with your children and wipe out the disease in the bud.