October 07, 2022

Eight psychological secrets that girls often have when they are in love

When boys see the object they like, they usually react directly and innocently, sometimes with a sense of challenge and conquest; while girls are much more subtle! Because most girls are very cautious or even hysterical when they first interact with boys, but once the relationship gets closer, the situation will change 180 degrees. Smart boys should make each other quickly enter the acquaintance period, so that instead of men chasing women, women stare at men. Knowing ourselves and the enemy, we might as well start with the subtle expressions and movements of girls!

1. Girls who bow their heads when they see boys on the road.

In fact, to understand a girl, looking at her eyes is the most accurate. Most oriental women will involuntarily lower their heads when they meet the opposite sex, but there are also different mysteries.

If she looks at you with very ordinary eyes, it means that she doesn’t have any special feelings for you, but if the other person looks at you with very cheerful eyes, don’t be too happy. She may just be in a good mood suddenly and unexpectedly. That’s it!

When a girl meets her favorite man by chance, she will involuntarily lower her head when she sees it, but she will glance at her from time to time. If you keep looking at her, usually she will continue to lower her head or look at other places until you no longer While watching you secretly, there are of course some girls who will show you back generously, but this is a minority! Because most women are afraid that they will show a good feeling for boys, they will feel casual and frivolous.

2. Girls who have a bad sense of direction and often go the wrong way

It is an interesting phenomenon that girls tend to have poor sense of direction! The most common situation is getting lost, without any sense of direction.

It is excusable if she is just lost in an unfamiliar place, if she is not even familiar with the routes near her home or school, this kind of woman is usually very dependent on others in personality, especially she likes to ask for directions directly rather than check maps or It’s even more so if they don’t understand the road map at all. If they encounter problems, they often ask for help, lack autonomy and subjective thoughts. If she is your girlfriend, you must take good care of your boyfriend and never let her feel You are unreliable, otherwise there will be endless noisy frames or even red apricots out of the wall!

3. Girls who often mention other men in small chats with boyfriends

Many girls will seize the boys’ psychological weakness and make boys more determined to stick to her. One of the most common tricks is to inadvertently talk about other irrelevant boys’ names or things when chatting with their boyfriends. Generally, men and women in love will try to avoid mentioning previous boyfriends and girlfriends or the opposite sex in order to prevent each other from being suspicious or unnecessary. However, after dating for a while, some girls will inadvertently mention middle school studies when chatting. Although the woman may just downplay the name of the classmate or something, the man may not respond, but the dark tide is raging in his heart!

☆ Usually girls do this for several purposes:

First, I hope to arouse boys’ innate jealousy and make them more positive.

Second, I want to know how much the other person loves me.

Third, let the man have a sense of crisis, and there may be a third party involved.

4. Girls who often ask her boyfriend to swear to heaven

There are some girls who almost always want their boyfriends to swear to the sky: “I really love you”, “I will not change my heart, otherwise the sky will thunder and strike” and so on. If your girlfriend is of this type, be careful! Usually they hold a distrustful attitude towards love, and often confirm their love through the other’s vows; but when the vows become a formulaic answer, she will empathize in pursuit of another new vow , As Shakespeare once said: “A boy’s oath will only make a girl betray him!”

So be smart, you can talk about love often, just don’t swear in front of girls!