October 05, 2022

How to break the barriers of heterosexual communication

(1) Update concepts and actively communicate. Adolescents’ desire for the opposite sex due to the sprouting of sex is a normal physiological and psychological phenomenon. Excessive depression is detrimental to the development of physical and mental health. Especially in the era of open information, people’s concepts have undergone tremendous changes, open interpersonal relationships Communication has become the main theme of social interaction. Therefore, interaction with the opposite sex should not be mystified.

(2) Establish righteousness and create environment. Break the closed living environment and develop same-sex and opposite-sex friendships with new concepts and enthusiastic attitudes. Establish righteousness, create the right atmosphere, and form the right public opinion. Start with me and start now. When interacting with oneself, he is upright, upright, does not hold distracting thoughts, is not cold-hearted about other people’s interactions, does not contain, does not chase after others, and does not create rumors.

(3) Distinguish the boundary between friendship and premature love. Because the physical and psychological functions of middle school students are not fully developed, if you fall in love at this time, it is inevitable that there will be more impulsivity and blindness. However, for middle school students, the scale between friendship and romance is not easy to grasp, so it should be increased as much as possible Group communication, this way of communication can not only express emotions, meet the psychological needs of boys and girls, but also avoid deviant behaviors.

(4) Be generous when communicating, and don’t pretend to be gestures, so as not to attract rumors. Boys and girls like to show themselves in front of the opposite sex in order to gain the goodwill and favor of the opposite sex. This is normal. But this kind of performance must grasp the scale, be natural and generous, not vulgar and frivolous.

(5) Be good at learning the advantages of the opposite sex. Due to gender differences, men and women have their own strengths in personality and temperament. Boys are firm, strong, courageous, and independent; girls are delicate, gentle, and precise. Without interacting with the opposite sex, it is difficult for boys and girls to discover the unique advantages of the opposite sex, and these advantages are precisely what they lack. Therefore, normal communication between boys and girls is conducive to learning and improving together.