September 30, 2022

Nine taboos that men should pay attention to in love

In love, men should give girls more trust, but there are many men who cannot do it with such a simple request. So besides being suspicious, what should men pay attention to in love?

Taboos that men should pay attention to in love


I think that when two people are together, trust is the most important thing. Since they are together, they have to trust each other. Suspicion is not good for a man. Since a man is in love with the woman he likes, he must have enough confidence in his own vision. Love her while giving her enough freedom. This is respect for each other and self-confidence. As a man, he should be magnanimous and self-confident. This will win the hearts of women.

Look at personal items casually

Everyone has their own privacy, like mobile phones, which are the most viewed, everyone does not want to be known about some of the privacy in their mobile phones. If you really love your girlfriend, respect her. Maybe you think that you have confirmed the relationship. What does it matter if you look at your mobile phone, but what I want to tell you is that although it is a relationship between a boyfriend and a friend, everyone has some personal privacy, and everyone is yours. Your own free space, you can’t let the girl give up everything for you, this will also make the girl feel insecure, and the girl will have no good feelings about the insecure man.

Always ask for something

Just like how much time you have to spend every day, no one has too much time. You have to meet a few times a week, things are too fixed, this is very bad, and love is not so fixed. This is a natural process. When two people think about each other in their hearts, they will be together involuntarily and don’t want to leave. Even if they don’t say a word, they feel very at ease. This is the love we hope for. Mode, so don’t format and streamline love.

Taboos that men should pay attention to in love

Unfilial to parents

Sooner or later, lovers have to come to the step of meeting their parents. When they see their parents, if they are disrespectful to the other’s parents, it must be unacceptable to the lovers. I have asked many girls myself, they all value filial piety very One trait, if you are very filial to your parents, you will definitely add points to yourself. If you don’t, don’t say much.


I believe that both men and women are unacceptable to people with violent tendencies. Girlfriends are used to love and care, not a tool for you to vent. Such a relationship will never last, because it violates the most important thing in love. The basic meaning is that the life of two people helping each other is better, supporting each other, and violence completely dissolves the love contract between you!


Needless to say, this one is very taboo. If you are in love with your current girlfriend, but you are still maintaining that kind of ambiguous relationship with other girls, you will be unfaithful to your girlfriend, and even more serious is cheating during your relationship, which is a serious violation of what I said above The love contract between you will be the direct driving force for your breakup, and even if you don’t break up, it will be a foreshadowing of your future breakup.

Taboos that men should pay attention to in love


Trust is the most important relationship in a romantic relationship, but if you lie and deceive each other repeatedly, you will step by step through the trust between you, but if it is a white lie, it is another matter. This is the biggest minefield in dating. All our close relationships are based on mutual trust. Without trust, your romantic relationship will disintegrate step by step, just like the first domino of a domino effect. Lies must be avoided. Even if you cheat, it is better to confess to a woman than a woman finds out. Many girls will often tell me that honesty is the most important quality in love.

Break up easily

Do you threaten each other to break up at the beginning of the quarrel? If you break up too much, no matter how strong your heart is, you will be slandered. If you talk about breaking up easily, the other party will think that you are insignificant to the relationship, and you will be injured and cause irreparable cracks. Besides, for some lovers who split and reunite, they usually end up with a breakup, because once there is a crack in emotion, it is difficult to repair, after all, it is difficult to reconcile a broken mirror.


This one is for women again. Here is a reminder to everyone who has princess disease or princess cancer. Male votes are not your slaves. Don’t send grievances to them. Don’t use them as horses. Don’t make things out of nothing, just do nothing. too noisy.