October 02, 2022

Psychoanalysis: How do first-love couples get along

1. Falling in love is just to create opportunities for both parties to understand each other

People who are in love for the first time will always devote themselves to the objects they like. You must know that the focus of a relationship is to talk, and the outcome of the talk will definitely have two endings, success and unsuccess, and there are suitable people to talk to And inappropriate. Therefore, you can talk about love, but you can’t talk for the sake of it, and you can’t have the expectation that a talk will come true.

2. When you fall in love, you must know how to actively grasp the opportunity when it comes, but you must not force it

Although there is a 50% possibility of failure in falling in love, it does not mean that you have to wait until you have full confidence to talk about it. After all, there is no 100% thing in this world. Only after you talk can you know that the other party is right for you. Therefore, although marriage cannot be forced, but when the opportunity comes, don’t let it go easily, take it actively.

3. When you fall in love, don’t follow the feelings blindly or you will be easily deceived.

Some people say that love is mostly blind. It depends on where to put this statement. If it is the beginning of a relationship, it is best to be more sensible, and you must not leave after feeling. You need to know more about the other party, and you must verify the important things yourself. You can’t listen to the other party’s own words, otherwise, you will regret it if you are deceived.

4. When you fall in love, you should know how to seek common ground while reserving differences to avoid things that shouldn’t happen.

Since the relationship is confirmed, you must ask the other person to treat them with heart and soul, and must discuss things that should be discussed and important things. However, dealing with such problems is also skillful. Try to avoid touching things that shouldn’t be discussed and things that shouldn’t happen. Non-principle problems can be handled with the idea of ​​seeking common ground while reserving differences.

5. When you fall in love, try to suggest to the other party to correct bad habits.

Although fate can bring two strangers together, from acquaintance to love. Because the two people have different growth environments and different values ​​in life, there will inevitably be differences in life concepts. Therefore, the best way is not to force them to live according to your habits, but to give more suggestions and flexibly correct the bad habits developed in their lives.

6. When you are in love, finances should be relatively independent. Expenses and expenses should be done within their capabilities

Before the relationship between lovers is sublimated to the point of marriage and marriage, you should still insist on relatively independent financial income and expenditure management. Don’t use the system of unified income and expenditure. After all, it is good to have a romantic relationship. ? There will be many follow-up questions. The problem is that this does not affect the quality of the relationship between two people, and who should pay for it is not a problem.

What to pay attention to when couples get along

1. Don’t have too much desire for control, because the other party lacks personal space and freedom

Many people like to use the excuse “I love you” to restrain the other half. Therefore, once the love is too deep, many people will have a partial attitude towards love, so they start to impose what they think on the other half. For example, when one of two people wants to go out to a party, they will definitely not let the other person go out alone. Either they will bring themselves or they will not let them go. If they go, there will be problems. It is said that this is because of loving you. In fact, this is to restrict each other’s freedom in the name of love. I believe that many couples have encountered this situation.

2. Lack of trust in the other half and like to use his own ideas to deny him

Trust is the cornerstone of feelings, and every long-term and stable relationship must be built on the basis of trust. Trust can make two people feel a great sense of security and peace of mind. But in the process of getting along, some couples seem to suffer from gains and losses because they love each other too much and lack trust, and then become sensitive and suspicious. quarrel. Therefore, many couples who love to die and live, finally separated because they did not trust each other.

3. After the two sides quarreled, no one was willing to admit their mistakes, and they were in a state of cold war for a long time.

Quarrels are inevitable when couples get along. Some grew up because of quarrels, and some broke up because of quarrels. In fact, even if you quarrel, you are afraid that neither side would lower their heads to admit their mistakes to the other side, and always grasp the problem. No one wants to give each other a step down. In the end, the other party thinks that you are unreasonable. Therefore, forgiveness with a bottom line is also a kind of redemption.