October 05, 2022

7 signs that girls have a good impression of you

1. Proactively contact you

When a girl likes you, no matter what’s going on, she always likes to find some topics, find something that seems necessary to contact you, and take the opportunity to communicate with you, for example, to consult you about some business matters, stupid boys will think, It is because I am more knowledgeable, so the girl found myself.

Wrong, she was actively looking for a topic as a cover to prevent you from seeing her true intentions. If you really didn’t find out, then you missed her signal!

2. Inquire about your private topics

A girl is a gossip animal, but she doesn’t want to know everything. If she is always interested in your personal issues when chatting with you, for example: How many ex-girlfriends do you have, the ex-girlfriends are not good-looking, and many are single Long time?

Then she just likes you. If a girl likes you, she will be very interested in your personal matters, especially her past relationship experience, because she wants to know what kind of girl you like and whether she meets your standards.

3. Will remember what you said

You accidentally said that you like to drink coffee, listen to Mozart’s music, like Kobe, she will remember it, and then go back to make up your homework, and when I meet you next time, she will show that she knows the classification of coffee, Mozart’s music Style, knowing Kobe’s basketball glory, the purpose is to close your distance, let you know that you are very suitable.

4. Talk about things in the middle of the night

If a girl often calls you in the middle of the night to talk about her concerns, it is also an obvious sign that she likes you. The time will be selected before 12 o’clock, not to disturb you to rest, and it is when you have time before going to bed. If you can be a good listener, your relationship will definitely develop further, maybe you can talk face to face in the middle of the night.

5. Share your own affairs

When a girl likes you, she will not only pay attention to your various things, but also share her interests, whereabouts, and the things that happen around you, because she wants you to know her and like her. At the same time, she also I have regarded you as a person who cares about closeness and will share my little feelings and secrets with you.

6. Information frequency-seconds

If you send her messages, she will reply in seconds, which shows that she really has a good impression of you. The frequency of messages is a good indication that she likes you.

I will always keep my phone waiting for your information, and worry that if you wait for a second, you will not be online, so I will return to you in seconds, hoping to seize the opportunity to say a few more words with you.

7. Don’t reject your physical contact

If it is a normal relationship, when a man and a woman have physical contact, the girl is very evasive and will try to avoid it, but if she has a good impression of you, then it is another matter. When you accidentally touch her, she will The reaction was not to hide, but to lower his head shyly. There must be a story in it!