October 02, 2022

4 psychological manifestations of premarital phobia

What are the symptoms of premarital phobia

1. Maybe it turns out that we are people of two worlds

The gum-like lacquer of love and honeymoon period tended to be flat after three years of marriage, and disappeared after seven years. The main energy of the family began to shift to the parenting of the next generation. There are few sweet talks and intimate behaviors between husband and wife, and even the two are becoming more and more independent and do not need to rely on each other.

Couples in the stable period after marriage are indeed more capable of independent behavior, and can maintain good life operations without the need for each other. But this does not mean that the husband and wife are getting farther and farther away and do not even belong to the same world. On the contrary, the emotional dependence on each other is getting stronger and stronger. It is because of being so familiar and accustomed to this feeling that it feels like nothing. In fact, this means that you have entered a more tacit state of coexistence.

2. If I get sick, can he stay and take care of

Birth, old age, sickness and death is the natural law of human reproduction and no one can escape. Once one of them falls into an illness, especially after a woman falls into an illness, whether the other half can abide by their promise and take on the responsibility of taking care of women without evading or retreating, this is a point that many women are very worried about.

Before thinking about this issue, it’s better to think about it from another perspective. If the accident is him, what kind of behavior will you take? To avoid tragedy, the truth is often cruel. If you want to get better when you are in a disadvantaged position With more assurance, you have to let the family add more common property belonging to the two.

3. I don’t want to be like that couple in the future

Perhaps hearsay, perhaps in real life, there is a pair of living examples around you that make you discouraged about marriage, the family is often filled with smoke of war and even cold violence, or one party cheating on the rails… Can’t help but make people doubt the future marriage life worry.

It is these live cases in reality that can be used as teaching materials for our marriage life, and we can take warning from the problems contained therein, so as to avoid the same mistakes in our own marriage. We can go around the stones and big pits when we walked by the predecessors, and reach our destination faster.

4. Lost yourself in marriage

Perhaps most of the time after marriage is spent in the two-person world, only work and family are left in life. In order to run a family, she gradually loses her personal life, even hobbies and personality, and becomes a woman who revolves around him and Guotai.

Marriage is a work that two people work together to manage. No matter which party will make changes and retain the essence for the other party, the two will eventually become the most suitable combination for each other. In addition to family and work, women can’t forget their girlfriends. Whether for entertainment or for help, they will always give you the warmest and reliable support.

How to treat premarital phobia

Diet therapy

Diet adjustment is a very common way to treat premarital phobias. Diet is used to divert attention and reduce the fear of patients. The scientific diet plan should be made according to the different life attributes of the individual. The common types include a lot of drinking, smoking, drinking, snacking, gourmet eating and so on. However, it is still necessary to take a healthy approach as the prerequisite, not to harm the body, it will be even more troublesome. For example, smoking and drinking are not very good, and the nicotine and alcohol are still very harmful to the body. Other types are good, but don’t overdo it.

Music therapy

Music therapy is a very healthy way to treat premarital phobia, and it is generally welcomed by everyone, but we must learn to choose the type of music. Patients with premarital phobias should listen to music with beautiful melody and melodious tunes, which can transfer and resolve psychological anxiety and produce a sense of pleasure. Instead of choosing some music with high melody and high pitch, it will make people feel more irritable. Music therapy uses the neuroendocrine system to further regulate human body functions. Music is very helpful for treating premarital phobia or other mental illnesses.


The key to the treatment of premarital phobia is to start from the psychological aspect, to provide psychological counseling to the patient, to allow the patient to develop a positive attitude, to evoke a heartfelt positive emotion from the heart, and to fundamentally eliminate negative emotions, so as to effectively treat premarital fear disease. Positive emotions can make the mind and body resonate at a natural frequency and enter a state of harmony. So as to alleviate premarital fears, it is helpful to deep changes in perception and emotion, improvement in cognition and performance, increase in creativity, and favorable changes in the balance of the endocrine system. Premarital phobias say that being straightforward is a psychological problem, so the heart disease is well treated and psychological therapy is the key.