October 07, 2022

5 ways to catch a man’s heart psychologically

How can a woman catch a man’s heart?

1. Make men feel that you like sports

Men have an inexplicable love for sports, so many sports games make him excited, so he only sees the games on TV and ignores the existence of women. If women want to get the attention of men, then they need to participate in their world. You can sit next to him, watch the game with him, and let him feel that you also like sports. In this way he will feel that he has found a like-minded partner. When you pull him to do some jogging or swimming together, he will not refuse you.

2. Let him feel that you don’t mind him looking at other women

Men are visual animals. For some beautiful women, they can’t resist the temptation and always stare. Regarding the nature of men, women can also show that they like to see handsome men in front of him, deliberately making him feel that you don’t mind him seeing other women, but he can’t stop you from seeing handsome men. When he realizes this, he won’t be unscrupulous, he will be scrupulous about your ideas, so he won’t be too blatant.

3. Make a man feel that he is right

There is no need for men and women to fight for a superiority, especially in front of outsiders, even if you disagree with his views, you still have to give him face. Sometimes I can agree with his thoughts, although I don’t actually think so. You can tell him that you are right. This gives him enough face, and he will think of treating you well in other places.

4. I like your friends

Sometimes a man gathers with some of his friends and friends all day, which makes you very disgusted, but you can’t deny him face in front of his friends. Therefore, a woman must also show that she likes his friends, so she must mingle with his friends, but sometimes, she needs to use some little tricks to reduce his partying with pig friends and dog friends.

5. I don’t mind how much money you have

If a man is very motivated, if he thinks he is a very good quality stock. Then don’t show that you are very material-conscious, let him feel that you don’t care how much money he has, and let him feel that you are not a material woman, and that you are willing to share adversity and retreat with him.

In summary, we understand how a woman can hold a man’s heart? To grasp a man’s heart, one must understand his psychology and say something that suits his appetite. Although you can say whatever you want, but try to keep pace with him as much as possible, only in this way can you truly win the man’s heart.