September 30, 2022

Psychological analysis of mental derailment

01 Interactive discussion on mental derailment


Everyone discussed the issue of mental derailment. Let me ask everyone, you are thinking of your classmates, your neighbors, and your colleagues. We call this mental infidelity.

But if you chase a star, you still dream of him at night, and even if you fall in love with him or get married, is this a mental cheating?

Everyone understands this issue, and you can truly understand the mental derailment-everyone has to discuss this issue.


I think the topic of both sexes is so heavy. It seems good to have someone who can cheat on the spirit. At least there is someone who can match the number in life. Being able to have ideas means that the heart is not dead yet, and there is still the idea of ​​living. .

In life, it is impossible for the two sexes to say let go, or after letting go, everyone will lead a happy life of their own, so it is difficult to get out of the track in reality, and there are many issues to consider, such as family, children, the elderly, etc. Wait. There are also a lot of thunder lines set up next to the track. A little carelessness can cost a lot.

In contrast, mental derailment is easy and easy, and it seems that there is no direct price. This is my feeling.


For women, the body and mind are generally connected together. When the heart is out, and with a realistic fantasy object, it is difficult to be interested in the man in the marriage. This may be that the woman is recognized by reality and limits herself.

If you can be like a man, separate the body from the heart. There may be no sense of guilt of mental derailment.

For me, derailment is not necessarily someone, it may be the life I want. It requires feelings, ideals, and perfectionist projections. Knowing this problem, I want to know how to solve it?


Everyone didn’t directly answer the question I asked. Why do you think that the person next door is mentally derailed? And your fantasy star will not cheat you on your spirit?

Everyone has a common problem, and they especially like to discuss the problem in terms of facts. Have you noticed that it is still the same in the end. There is no enlightenment and guidance for your life.

02 Ways to Satisfy Desire

The design of our human species is very delicate. The satisfaction of desire is simply divided into two parts. On the one hand, it comes from the satisfaction in reality, and on the other hand is our vast and boundless imagination. In fact, most of us do not make better use of this part of our imagination.

In many cases, we are more passive, whether it is the desire for reality or the imagination of emotions.

For example, I like a person who can’t ask for it, he automatically appears in my dream; or he exists in my brain all the time, making myself miserable.

Have you ever thought that we take the initiative to control our imagination?

As mentioned earlier, in fact, most of our desires cannot be satisfied. How can we make our short life more comfortable?

One of the very important methods is that we have to actively generate some imagination, and control our imagination, to enrich our spiritual world, and let the spiritual world be fully satisfied to partly make up for the lack and desire of the real world.

If you can do it, you will find that your life will actually have more flexibility than you are at the moment, and there will be more uncertain expectations. This is the driving force that supports us to feel hope and meaning in life.


Let me give you a real example of my friend (for professional reasons, I can easily collect first-hand real materials. I have not made any changes to the content, and I am not worried that she will be recognized, because this imagination is universal. Not uncommon).

We all know that in the current social environment, there are not many really harmonious and happy families, and the marriage of friends is considered to be a moderately high relationship status (7-8 points) according to my assessment criteria.

My friend told me that every time she is close to her husband, during the foreplay stage, she has to think about others who can make her excited and sexual desire. When the body is aroused enough, she can be very engaged with her husband. Go and enjoy the whole process. Only in this way can there be a sense of satisfaction, but at the same time it will produce a sense of guilt.

My friend asked me if it was inappropriate for me to do this because I didn’t think about my husband during the foreplay.

After I listened, I told her:

“You are really amazing. Although you don’t realize it, you are able to actively control your own spiritual world and use it for you. Think about it, what is the purpose of making love? Physical and mental pleasure. Then we want to be pleasure in this process, there are many ways.

If it can be obtained directly through the interaction between the two parties, of course it is better. But reality is always full of various flaws, maybe not so loving, not so good, not so sexy in body, not so well matched in sexual ability…

In short, there are too many reasons in reality that prevent us from getting full satisfaction directly from our partner. Then we can use sex toys or watch a small porn together. Similarly, we can also use imagination in the spiritual world to make up for our dissatisfaction with reality, so that we can relax in such a process and gain great physical and mental health. Satisfy.

Therefore, I want to tell everyone that the human spiritual world, which is the imaginary level of all brains, has no moral color. You can imagine whatever you desire.

03 Actively control our imagination

Have you ever studied what we think in our brains, and what is more? More can’t be asked, right? What’s more, it’s the evil or dark part of our hearts.

For example, who do we hate, do we really want to beat this person sometimes? I really hope that he will be unlucky. Sometimes we want to slap him twice, and sometimes we really feel that if it is not illegal to kill, we want to kill this person.

We often have this kind of imagination. This shows that when God created humans, he set many restrictions on mankind while also leaving us an exit. Many things that cannot be achieved in reality can be thrown into our imagination.

Of course there is another very important point here. Remember what I told you just now? We must take the initiative to use our imagination, and at the same time we must be able to control the imagination.

There are two meanings in this. One is that we must actively let our imagination serve us. For example, daydreams and sexual dreams during sleep are all supplements that we can’t ask for in reality.

But on the other hand, we have to be able to control it. What does this control mean? It is part of our imagination that cannot be put into action in real life. Because I told you just now that most of our imagination is evil, and we can only think about it in our brains to satisfy it. But if we put this part of our imagination into practice in real life, it may hurt ourselves.

04 Why can I fantasize about a star but not the neighbor?

Going back to the question I asked you, the answer is very simple. There is essentially no difference between you going to fantasize about the house next door and you fantasizing about a star.

But why imagining people you know or imagining people around you is defined as mental infidelity? When chasing stars, no matter who the TA is, we dared to express it publicly, and didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. Do you know the reason?

Because we are too far away from these celebrities, the probability of a connection and something happening between you and him is very small, and it is relatively safe, so we dare to speak boldly. The illusion of the people you know is almost within reach, which violates the moral standards of society. Therefore, this is called “mental derailment.” The term “mental derailment” is a product of the development of human civilization.

05 Summary

Finally, I will make a summary for everyone. Regarding sexual fantasies, remember 3 sentences:

1. Sexual fantasies are the best gift from the Creator to mankind.

2. Sexual fantasies do not carry any moral color.

3. Make good use of sexual fantasies.

We have to learn to use and control our imagination, especially in intimate relationships. Even if your relationship is very good, if you can take the initiative to imagine some words or images that can stimulate your sexual desire, this will make your whole sex Feelings have doubled.


Being able to understand the part, it takes time to practice. In order to make yourself more comfortable, you can satisfy yourself through fantasy, not necessarily through reality. Satisfy your fantasy and control your behavior.


This process does not solve the problem in one sentence like I just said. The point of view of moral judgment on the spiritual world has a different degree of influence on each of us. In addition, everyone’s personalities are very different, some are flexible and some are rigid. Therefore, for the adjustment of cognition, some people may loosen up after reading this article, and some people still need a long period of discussion, trial, re-discussion, and re-try multiple cycles before it may loosen.