September 30, 2022

What can we do in the face of conflict?

What can we do in the face of conflict?

1. Awareness: Learn to pause, light a lamp for love, and see how we both interact. What do they reflect on the different values ​​in our native family?

2. Marking emotions: Marking the emotional process itself is the process from the emotional brain to the rational brain, and it is a journey of transforming the subconscious mind into the conscious mind. When we describe our emotions, we will not feel so angry

3. Perceive what is the thinking behind emotions: Conflicts between people are rarely related to facts, and most of them are related to a person’s interpretation of this fact, angle, opinion and the values ​​of both parties. And these are related to a person’s native family and unmet needs.

The views and feelings of things when you were young can be frozen there. Only when you can see it from an adult’s perspective can you understand the past events and have a better solution. When a person knows the self-protection mode he is used to after injury, it can help that person know how to control their emotions and how to resolve conflicts.

4. Be responsible for your own happiness and happiness: Explore the true psychological needs of your heart, know what you really want, and only if you meet your needs and be responsible for your own happiness and happiness can you be your own master.

For example, on Valentine’s Day, if you want to receive a gift, you can directly indicate to the other party that the other party should also try to be satisfied, because sometimes it is difficult for the other party to guess our thoughts.

5. Make a deposit for love: for example, say more compliments to each other, prepare small holiday gifts for each other, etc. Such deposits can keep the close relationship fresh

So is conflict good or bad?

It depends on us. It can be a danger or an opportunity.