September 30, 2022

4 psychological killers behind the inability of sex

The reason for writing this article is that too many male votes privately asked me about the inability to get an erection during sex. In fact, this is a universal problem, and there is not much particularity. It’s just that everyone dare not talk about themselves publicly, and mistakenly think that this situation will happen to themselves alone, which leads to tremendous pressure.

First of all, to rule out functional inability to get an erection, the most professional way is to go to the hospital for an examination. Of course, there are also some self-test methods: watching porn, fantasizing, masturbating, changing girls… If you can get an erection, the inability to get an erection is more psychologically related, and it is a psychological response to a specific situation. Whether there is morning erection is also an easy way to self-test.

Many men often fail to get an erection many times or even frequently after being unable to get an erection once.

1: the self-defeating of men

Since ancient times, when the men were together, they would boast that they had sex with several girls at a time, and the fighting power was as durable as a perpetual motion machine. But no one will say which time they turned off.

It seems that in the concept of men, this thing is magical and will never wear out (essentially the narcissism of men). If it fails to stay strong any time, there is a problem. We compare the penis to a gun. Since it is a gun, even a sharp gun that kills countless enemies will turn off and misfire. That occasional accident is reasonable.

2: the tossing girls

One is the refusal girl: I remember that in the movie “All the way to the West”, whenever the actor wanted to touch his girlfriend, his girlfriend would scream and refuse, almost the entire body was a restricted area. The girlfriend is indeed beautiful, but good-looking can not solve the sexual needs. In the end, persecution (the heart of the man’s derailment has always been there, and there is no chance, the stupid woman will push the male ticket out), the actor goes all the way to the west and comes to Dongguan to seek sauna service. Girls’ curious demands will wipe out the sexual interest of male votes. For girls, for men: beauty is good, but being able to use is more important!

The other is the accusatory girl, who always complains that men are inferior to others, and attack when they are not satisfied.

The girls remember that the hardness and durability of a male penis erection is almost equivalent to self-esteem and self-confidence. Your attack is not just on those few inches of stretchable sponge, but the entire seven-foot man.

Once a man’s self-esteem is challenged, he will be more cautious and frightened in the next sexual love. The originally relaxing and pleasant sex eventually turned into an impossible task. Excessive tension will lead to the next failure. Repeated several times, the brain will automatically think: it really doesn’t work! A sturdy girl can definitely shape a man with impotence.

3: A movie that makes people happy and worrying

The pornography is eye-opening and also makes men feel inferior.

The giant whip we saw was a model that deviated from the norm after the director’s screening. Similar to Yao Ming, how many people have you seen in your life who are as tall as Yao Ming?

And the protracted battle, edited after many climaxes.

As for the function of the A film, I think it is appropriate to refer to an advertisement on the package of Master Kong’s braised beef noodle: The picture is for reference only, please refer to the actual product. Just learn other people’s skills, don’t compare blindly. The penis is not the bigger the better, but the best fit.

4: Deviation or even wrong sexual attitude

Attention, this is the most ruthless invisible killer. The human body is composed of various organs.

There is no special difference between the penis and the almond as the parts that make up the body, but the division of labor is different. A few times a year when the tonsils become inflamed, you will say: “No problem, when the cold is over, you will still have a golden voice.” But why can’t you allow the penis to take a few days of sick leave?

Calmly said to herself and to the girl: “The equipment needs to be overhauled annually, and the operation should be suspended. After maintenance, we will fight the rivers and lakes!” With this courage, which girl would care about accidents in sexual relations.

To put it mildly, occasional inability to get an erection is not a problem in itself, it is the big problem that you treat occasional problems as problems. We tend to associate excessive mystification and demonization of sex with self-esteem and ability, only to feel that when there is a problem with sexual function, everything is over. This is the heavy shackles that bind people’s hearts.