September 30, 2022

What kind of people are more likely to be selected for sexual assault?

As a problem that everyone may encounter in their life, the severity of trauma caused by the harm of sexual assault ranks first among all traumas.

Sexual assault can be violence against children, women, or even men, which can cause lifelong fear for the victim. They may be afraid of intimacy and contact with others during the rest of the time, and may even develop borderline personality disorder, schizophrenia and other serious diseases.

So, among these groups that are being violated, what kind of people are more likely to be selected as the target of violation?

Most men who have experienced assaults on women have a set of narcissistic personality disorder interpretations of women’s behavior-“I think she is seduce me by wearing a short skirt.”, “She glanced at me and she definitely liked it. Mine.”, “She likes me, otherwise why would she go to the appointment?”, “Dressing up so irritable, it must be the lack of men in the five elements.” They can’t realize the pain of women in the process of being harassed.

They themselves have a set of interpretations of the relationship between men and women out of reality. This interpretation mostly comes from family relationships that are different from many people, or people’s exaggerated understanding of the so-called “masculinity” of men in history.

So, as such a “masculinity” man, what kind of women do he most like to choose for sexual assault? Naturally, they are women who are accustomed to being dominated by men or any authority.

This kind of woman is especially easy to be selected because she was educated to be a good child from a young age, and was castrated from the beginning of the resistance gene.

What kind of girls are not easily sexually assaulted?

Let’s look at two conversations


Man: I like you very much. Go to my house tonight.

Woman: Boss, this won’t work (fear).

Man: Then where do you want to go (the hand has grabbed mm’s hand)

Woman: Boss, you will be seen, no, no. . .

(I haven’t finished speaking, the boss’s hand is already on his chest…)


Man: I like you very much. Go to my house tonight (I have reached out my hand).

Woman: (slaps over with a snap) Boss, which evil wind is blowing you today? I have an appointment with my boyfriend in a while.


Man: I like you very much. Go to my house tonight (I have reached out my hand).

Woman: If you touch me again, I will call the police.

Obviously, A is definitely not strong enough to resist, it will only make the pervert more arrogant. And girls who have a certain social experience will have the B method, which is effective, but it is often not really effective, just delaying the trouble. Moreover, because they want to refuse or welcome, the boss finds girls more attractive, so they will change their strategy and adopt a variety of pursuit methods. The C method is the most effective way, but the consequence is definitely to turn a face with the boss and leave.

Type A girls are the favorite objects of the veterans among satyrs, because they are used to knocking down their front teeth. Even when the incident happened, they might not have the courage to call the police. I guess that the suspect has used this screening method to commit several crimes, and I never expected that Xiaohui had a sister who would support her to call the police.

Often, type A girls receive education when they are young, “You have to be obedient.”, “You have to be a good girl.”, “Don’t fight back, you have to let your brother.”, “Mom and dad are all for your good. ”

Such girls are also most likely to lose their ability to resist when they encounter sexual assault, because they are too scared inside.

In the 16th Oscar-winning film “The Room”, there is a clip in which Joey complained that his mother told her that “the world is full of love”, and Nick was deceived into the house and imprisoned for “helping his sick dog”. year. Fortunately, seven years later, Joey fought bravely for his children and escaped from the clutches.

In fact, most of the time, parents and schools create an environment that is not very real for children, so that they cannot see the evil in this world earlier, and delay their development of the ability to fight evil. Joey is a girl who resisted being castrated. Fortunately, she gained this ability in the process of getting along with her son.

The girls who took measure B are also very brave. If they are lucky, they can find a suitable position to quit before the boss takes action.

Girls who take measures C need more courage. I think such a girl must have a firm personality, simple and direct. If every girl has such courage, the pervert will not dare to violate.

But the consequences are indeed unbearable to many girls, so most of the girls are in a fierce internal confrontation, persuading themselves that “nothing really dangerous has happened yet. If you can avoid it, just hide it.” So it is dangerous. occur.

As a counselor, I still suggest that girls should still deal with pervert harassment directly.

First, be vigilant. Frequent offenders usually have a lot of tentative actions when committing crimes, such as touching girls’ hands intimately at first, pinching faces, and touching hair. The ambiguous atmosphere has begun to radiate. If you don’t resist, it basically confirms his initial judgment of you-a good girl. At this time, the girls have begun to be vigilant and try to leave the place where they are alone with this person as soon as possible. If there are many people, you can clearly say “Please don’t touch me, otherwise I will sue you for sexual harassment.”

Second, don’t have extravagant hopes for perverts. If a person intends to use your body from the beginning, the “so-called good stuff” he gives you must be a carrot hung in front of the donkey with a fishing rod. It will only show you, not really give it to you, because, You will leave if you get it. What will he use to control you then?

Third, I support all the girls to resist the pervert. The sexual harassment I have encountered has been used in a way that makes the satyrs very unpleasant to resist. Only in this way will they feel unhappy when recalling such things, rather than triumphantly, and they will remember how to respect women .

Fourth, go out to adventure more and practice your courage more. This will help you build a “pervert characteristic database”, and it will be more tricky to guard against wolves in the future.